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Wanted: New BFFS

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

One complaint about living in LA is it can be SUPER HARD to make actual friends. There are countless things to do, with over 4 million people to do them with, and you just can’t seem to make ANY new girlfriends!? Let’s change that!

How do you find a group of ride or dies in a city that’s all about exclusivity and fame? As simple and cliche as it may seem, it’s honestly all about putting yourself out there. Us party girls are usually great at making friends but sometimes its hard when you have to make the first moves!

Two of the most common reasons that women don’t try to make new friends or even introduce themselves to other girls are:

1.)Everyone already has their BFFS/ friend groups and they don’t want to add anyone new, and

2.) Girls always look mean or uninterested/they don’t seem like they would want to talk to you so you avoid the awkward rejection by keeping to yourself/your group.

The truth is, most girls would love it if you came up to them at a bar/party/bottle service table and introduced yourself! Even if it seems like they already have a perfect friend group or they’re with their BFF, many girls (especially in LA) are missing that one special, ride or die, twin flame that we believe EVERY GIRL needs! LA girls are usually very similar in nature because you have to be a certain kind of (crazy) person to live in LA, so most of us are

searching for the perfect BFF more than we are searching for the perfect relationship. Next time you’re at a party or at bottle service, go up to someone and give them a compliment and introduce yourself: “Hey girly I LOVE your shoes where did you find those! My name is _________ by the way, what’s yours?!” Imagine if an LA girl came up to you and complimented your fit and wanted to party with you! You would be super happy and it could be the start of a friendship you never knew you needed.

As for the concern about girls looking mean or intimidating, most girls will admit that they have RBF (resting bitch face) when they’re actually the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet! While we wish every girl was a Party Girl, some will in fact be rude AF and shut you down real quick. You may want to cry or get mad or even slap the bitch, but we kill them with kindness and class, say “thank you, next”, and then on to the next group to try again!

Everyone has their insecurities and not all Party Girls are comfortable being so bold, especially if they’re on their own trying to impress a new group of girls!! We would never recommend going out alone, especially if you are drinking and party hopping around, so use your social media addiction to your advantage by making some online girlfriends to go out with and build up your girl gang before going out! Social Media is truly the easiest way to make new friends! There's even an app Bumble-BFF that lets you swipe on potential BFFs

just like you would on Bumble Date, Tinder, Hinge, etc. Although it seems weird, you would be surprised how many LA girls use friend making apps and how many friendships have been made through them! If you aren’t into the whole Bumble thing, Instagram is probably the best and easiest way to find and meet a new girl friend/gang because you can get a sense of who someone is and what their hobbies/interests are based on their instagram profile. If you don't know how to go about finding and reaching out through instagram, Look through the followers of some of your fav accounts or even the followers of trendy LA accounts and send a quick DM when you see a girl you think could be a potential new bestie. It's def a little on the stalker-ish side but IT WORKS and you will thank us later. For example you can DM her, “Hey girly i came across your profile and thought you seemed super fun and cool so i figured I’d message you! I’m (living/ just moved to/ back home/ etc) in LA and want to make new girl friends! if you’re ever free we should totally get brunch or hang out sometime!✨”. The worst that can happen is being left on “read” (which WILL happen because not every girl is party girl material) and the best that can happen is you meet your new BESTIE FOR THE RESTIE! So don’t be shy, slide into those DMs girlies!



One of our Goals for Party Girl Bible is to have a community of like minded women who support and grow with each other. We created Club Party Girl for women, specifically in Los Angeles (for now) to have a safe space to network, make friends, vent, gossip, plan brunch dates, ask/give advice, share stories & life lessons, find roommates, and most importantly make sure every party girl feels supported and never feels alone. Club Party Girl is a private page on our website that is only accessible to approved members who have signed up . The format is sort of like a facebook group where members can post, comment/like other posts, and create a customizable profile to follow other members! This will also be where we announce all our events like: photoshoots, mixers, networking events, parties, brunches, + everything else we have planned for the Party Girls when Los Angeles opens back up. If you’re an LA girly and interested in becoming a member of this unique club, sign up under the “Club Party Girl” tab and click on “Community” in the drop down. Signing up is always free and will ask for your info along with your Instagram handle in order to verify identity to keep the platform safe for all of our members.

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