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Universal clubbing tips for every destination

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Whether you're just turning 21 or you need a little refresher since the COVID lockdown, we’ve written out some tips that people won’t tell you about partying at nightclubs! From promoters, to bottle service, to outfit choices, and everything in between, Party Girl Bible’s got you covered!

1. You’ll need a promoter whenever you go out!

If you don’t have one yet, search on Instagram by going the the club’s tagged photos and looking through until you find someone that promotes for that club. Don’t be afraid to contact more than one if you haven’t used them before, you’ll want to find someone you like so you can use them every time. Loyalty is HUGE with nightlife promoters!

2. You WILL be asked to send pictures of yourself and everyone in your group.

This is normal! Unfortunately with nightlife, it’s extremely superficial and completely based on appearance or who you know. So, send the promoter everyone’s Instagram @‘s and wait for a reply! It’s sucks, but if you or someone in your group is not approved, try another club & promoter (it happens to everyone, even celebs/ influencers)! Also note that it’s NOT the promoter’s fault if you’re not approved, so don’t get mad at him! The club has high/ unfair standards that the promoters have to stand by.

3. Be in front of the club & ready to go!

Whoever your promoter is, they will want you there around 11. Don’t be late, especially if it’s the first couple times going out with them. You want to make sure you keep a relationship with them! Showing up late just adds more stress for everyone.

4. It's always better to dress up than to dress down!

You always want to look and feel your absolute best while walking in like you own the place, so put on those thigh high boots, contour those cheekbones, & no pajamas pls.

5. Bottle service is comped.

Bottle service is usually comped/given to the promoter and all the girls they bring, until someone purchases it, which doesn’t always happen. If this happens and the promoter has clients there, he will bring you to their table where the free alcohol continues! If you don’t get walked in to a bottle service table or the table gets purchased and you get kicked out, don’t worry just walk around the club and you’ll be invited to a table as soon as you step in!

6. Tip the bathroom attendants.

Bathroom attendants are usually in the bathroom to help you with anything you could possibly need; Hair ties, gum, cigarettes, perfume, literally anything! If you use anything besides paper towels, you are supposed to tip them (even if it’s only a dollar or two, they work hard for their money!)

7. The bar will be way more expensive than a usual bar.

That’s because most girls aren’t paying for the complimentary vodka or tequila, so if you’re craving a cocktail, know that it will be significantly more expensive than at a regular bar. The best rule is to only allow yourself to purchase a maximum of 1 drink no matter where you are! You’re a hot girl, hot girls don’t buy their own drinks!

8. There will ALWAYS be a long line for the women’s restroom!

The earlier you’re there, the less of a line. So if you’re planning on taking a bathroom mirror selfie, we suggest going to the bathroom as soon as you enter the club so you don’t have to wait in a long line later on.

9. The club gets sweaty!

Every club gets hot, so be sure to think twice about bringing a jacket because you will eventually leave it at a table to roam around the dance floor and it most likely won’t be there when you get back. Even If you’re cold in your apartment and/or outside SUCK IT UP because it’ll be hot & sweaty inside the club and you’ll be thankful you left the leather jacket at home.

10. It’s not weird to ask your promoter to make you a drink or give you a shot.

In fact they would rather you ask them! Some girls get uncomfy about asking their promoter if they can have alcohol, but remember they are there to give you alcohol so don’t be shy!

11. If you’re at a table, you don’t need to sit down the whole time!

You can totally leave your spot to go dance and mingle. If you like your view, stand up on the couch or the section above the couch! Whatever you do, don’t be one of those girls who sits and stares at her phone all night! Dance, make friends, have fun, and never be embarrassed!

12. Make friends with the security guards.

Introduce yourself, make some small talk, & thank them when you’re walking out so that they remember you every time you walk in. Doing this will make the entire night better and safer (you never know, you might need them).

13 .Smoking is one of those things that just depends on where you are and who’s working that night.

At most clubs, if you’re at a purchased table with “high spenders” they usually won’t say anything, even if it’s not really allowed! TBH it’s hard to NOT find someone to pass you the blunt in most of the high end clubs in places like LA or Miami. Cigarettes are a little different for some reason, most places do NOT like cigs smoked inside! Sometimes they don’t care and sometimes they’ll tell you to go outside to finish the cig (unless you’re in Vegas, anything and everything is allowed in vegas).

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