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Treating Him this Valentine's Day

Forget the age old tradition of men sweeping you off your feet with gifts and flowers (because we know they probably won’t do it right) and be the take charge (soft) boss bitch we know you are. This valentine's day, we challenge you to treat HIM (ik annoying right) to the perfect Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, we’re giving you all the ideas from cutesy sunset picnics and romantic dinners to some X rated after-date fun. We know the guys should be planning all of this, but trust us you’ll get it perfect for your insta baddie pics and he’ll definitely show his appreciation. *wink wink*

Dinner for 2 - Whether you’re on a tight budget or have the means to go all out, treating your partner to dinner on Vday is a serious move. If you want to go all out, put on a sexy red

dress, wear your fav perfume, and treat your boo to reservations at a fancy restaurant with expensive champagne and filet mignon! If you’re not able to go out to dinner, get it to go or make it yourself and have a fancy dinner at home. If you’re on a budget this year (literally all of us) order Valentine’s themed fast food! So many places offer heart shaped variations like Chick fil a’s heart shaped boxes of nuggets, multiple pizza places have heart shaped pizza, or even heart shaped donuts from Dunkin & Krispy Kreme! If you want to make it a little more special you can go all cutesy and surprise him with a sunset picnic (think Rosé and Charcuterie).

Hotel Heaven - Even if you live with your partner, nothing is sexier than whisking them off somewhere special. Whether you go close to home or make Valentines day an entire fucking vacation (that you obviously deserve), booking a hotel room for the night is a YES PLS type of night (even better if it has a jacuzzi tub). We suggest getting red roses (5 dollar sale on Fridays at your local grocery store!) and spread petals on the bed for an extra romantic night! Enjoy bottles of wine and bring your sexiest lingerie. Don’t forget to bring your portable speaker so you can play PGB’s spotify “Sex Playlist” (you’ll thank us later).

Movie night at home- We are the most ourselves at home so it isn’t a bad thing to spend your night locked away in your most comfortable place! Stay home and watch a romcom!

Skip the “To All the Boys I Loved Before” and “The Notebook” type of movies and go for some he would actually pay attention to like “Friends With Benefits” or “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. You can get seriously romantic by picking up some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne (maybe some whip cream for dessert *wink wink*). If you are having sex with your date this is the perfect night and place to get tipsy and flirty with each other and try different things like sex toys, games/role play, or even watching porn together! Whatever you both are comfortable with, this is the perfect night to explore!

Group Date- if you aren’t exactly there yet with your new boo thang, don’t be afraid to call a friend and see what her and her boo are up to! Valentines day tends to put a lot of pressure on people so you might be helping your friend out without even realizing it! Go out with other couples whether it’s bar hopping in your downtown or bowling, you can never go wrong when you're with a group!

Gift Basket for the win - Valentine’s day isn’t really a huge deal unless it’s your first one or he’s going to propose so you don’t have to make it an entire night of romance! Whether its just a bottle of wine and chocolate or an entire basket, it’s still romantic AF. If you were to make a basket for them, some suggestions are; vanilla and woodsy scented candles, heart shaped boxes of chocolate, stuffed valentines bear, sultry bath bombs (go to Lush! -our fav!), candy hearts, sexy fun card games, a bottle of rosé, cologne (Bleu de Chanel, Jimmy Choo Man, or Jo Malone), a cute love letter, a sexy “i owe you” coupon book, boxers with your name on them (for fun and because you’re crazy), date night jar, and anything else sexy or romantic you can think of!

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