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The Party Girl Bible: Splash House

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

**Pictures at the bottom

Vegas Pool Party Meets Coachella Music Festival

Splash House brings the wild Vegas pool party vibes to the boujee yet laid back Palm Springs hot spots, while also being set up like a festival. This house music dream consists of 3 different venues (The Seguaro, Margaritaville, and the Renaissance) all with different Dj sets playing all day long. Whether you want to see Dom Dolla at The Renaissance or San Holo poolside at Margaritaville (literally poolside), there is truly something for everybody.

Everyone is in Bathing Suits

Unlike a regular festival or rave, Splash House attire consists of bikinis and lots of glitter! Although the attire is pretty minimal, people go all out with accessories like body chains, hair pieces, and did we mention SO MUCH GLITTER! Basically wear your cutest bikinis and accessorize as WILD as you want!

Free Shuttle Busses

With the purchase of your wristband, you get to ride the free shuttles from venue to venue, meaning no need to spend a ton of money on Ubering from one venue to another. If you aren’t staying at one of the hotels, the only Uber you need to take is to/from your air bnb to the closest hotel! From there, the busses take you wherever your festie heart desires.

Lasts From 12pm – Sundown (9pm)

Unlike most festivals, Splash house starts early and ends early giving plenty of time to either sleep for the next day or rage at the hotel after parties all night. When the pool venues close, don’t be too sad, you’ll have the option to go to after hours at the Air Museum or party from hotel room to hotel room until the sun comes up.

After Hours Purchased Separate

When you’re buying your ticket, you will get the option to buy after hours for Friday and Saturday night. Most people go to after hours but there's still a lot of people who skip out and instead throw parties in their hotel rooms. The choice is up to you what you want to do. If you want to leave the choice until the day of, you totally can because After Hours tickets never really sell out.

Award for Friendliest Crowd

Splash, hands down, has the nicest group of people attending. Not only is everyone friendly and welcoming, the age range is bigger than most festivals. If you go, you’ll meet people from 21 (its 21+) to 40+ and they are all down to party as hard as you are. Most of the hotel rooms are always open for pregaming and after parties, so don’t be scared to roam around the hotels looking for a party!

Everything is Affordable

Unlike Coachella, where a shirt is $50+ and food is way overpriced, the food/drinks/merch at splash house are super reasonable. The shirts are about $30 and the other items start as low as $15! We suggest buying yourself the SUPER CUTE splash house visor or fan! If you want to get a drink at the venues (Or if you want a man to buy you a drink) they are about $15. Bottle service tables and cabanas are at each venue, so mingle around and you’ll definitely be invited over to take tequila shots! They also hand out free bottles of water at each shuttle bus stop, so we recommend chugging at least one bottle per shuttle ride to stay hydrated!

DISCLAIMER: Our “Party Girl Bible” reviews are ALWAYS based off of our very own experiences and might be different from your own. Feel free to always comment below and share your party girl experience with what we review.

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