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The Party Girl Bible: Scottsdale

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

As you may have heard, PGB went to Scottsdale in May, meaning we got the TEA on where the party is.

**Pictures at the bottom

Old Town Scottsdale is the Move

If you’re an Arizonian, you may already know where to go and what to do every weekend but if you’re like us out of towners, you might not know how to party your way through Scottsdale. We learned pretty quickly that if you’re looking to party, Old Town Scottsdale is the best place to go day and night!

Bars & Cover Charges

Think of Scottsdale as the hometown bar hopping you wish you always had. It’s not exactly clubbing but there’s bottle service at every bar and though promoters aren’t a huge thing, you can usually find a fair amount to get you into the clubs faster (maybe even a security guard to help you cut the line & cover fee).

When it comes to waiting in line & cover fees, if it’s not a huge night (meaning if G-Eazy wasn’t performing with a cost of $100 a ticket) your girl gang would be able to get in for free using a promoter (or just because you're a hot group of girls)! If you can’t find someone to get you in for free, most of the time the cover charge is around $10! Unfortunately, if a major artist is in town and you haven’t already made your way into that artist’s friend group, you will most likely have to pay for that expensive ticket!

No Need to Uber Around

The glorified bars are all next to each other so no need to Uber from spot to spot. If you’re having fun at Riot House but your bestie wants to go to Casa Amigos, you both can go your separate ways and meet at one or the other! It’s definitely clutch for the girls who like to party or bar hop because you won’t waste any money on overpriced Ubers. The only thing you need to pay for is the Uber there and the Uber back home and you're solid! (They even have bike taxis if you’re not going too far).

After Party Madness

Because people from all over visit so often, expect to find an after party when the bars close at 2am. Whether it's an air bnb after party at a huge mansion with NFL players or a penthouse party across the street at the W with sexy business savvy men, YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND AN AFTER PARTY.

Aesthetic on Point

With the huge amount of restaurants and bars in Scottsdale, it’s not surprising that the Aesthetic vibe is competitive AF. Not only are there places like “Selfie World” that are literally made just to take pics at, but almost every restaurant & bar has something pretty/ vibey that makes you want to take pictures for the gram! So plan for more outfits then needed for those quick changes from sunset happy hour to raging the nights away in Old Town.

Foodies Heaven

From trendy brunches like The Montauk, to quick happy hours like Diego Pops, to flashy dinners like Nobu, to the incredibly yummy Soda Jerk Milkshake Bar, the food in Arizona is to die for! With so many chic restaurants with delicious & aesthetic food, your camera roll will be full after your Scottsdale vacay!

DISCLAIMER: Our “Party Girl Bible” reviews are ALWAYS based off of our very own experiences and might be different from your own. Feel free to always comment below and share your party girl experience with what we review.

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