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The best advice a new party girl will ever get

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

We've seen it all, we've been through it all, and we know how to avoid it all. Here's some expert advice from various veteran party girls that you NEED to know before you even set foot in the party seen! Girls STILL don't take this advice and end up in situations they could have easily avoided so don't be the girl everyone hates going out with!

Don’t overdo it - its easy to forget how many shots of 1942 you had at the pregame or how many puffs you took of the joint that was passed around, but if you are a beginner, don’t go past what you know you can handle. Creating a tolerance and knowing your limits is a gradual process and if you rush yourself, the only one you’re hurting is you and the bestie that ended up missing the party to take care of you.

Peer Pressure is constant - Listen up, when you’re at bottle service and the promoter is pouring shots in everyone’s mouths and you’re up next but you already drank enough (or you’re the DD for the night), don’t let them pressure you into drinking more than you know you should (or any at all). If you don’t want people bothering you or asking you “why aren’t you drinking??” just fake it till you make it! Make sure you always have a drink in hand even if there is no alcohol in it! People won’t bug you while you’re holding a Vodka Cran the whole night, and they won't know it's actually just Cranberry juice. Whether you're new to partying or you’ve been partying for years, peer pressure is a constant thing. There will always be someone in your ear telling you to just take one more shot, or to try this pill, or smoke this weed, you just have to stay true to yourself and never do anything you aren't comfortable with.

Uber is your best friend - it's simple.

Utilize the universe and modern day technology giving you access to someone who is sober and available virtually anywhere at any time to drive you around.

Spending 30 dollars or 100 dollars on an Uber is way WAY less expensive than potentially getting a DUI or even worse, killing someone or yourself. Even if your friend or you decide to play sober sis for the night, if you’re a beginner, you most likely will give in and drink so just don’t even create a potential chance for this to happen. If it’s your turn to DD but you know you will probably end up having a few shots, just offer to pay for the Uber there and back instead!

Share locations with every friend you go out with - We all forget to make sure to have everyone’s locations because we all think we won’t be leaving each other or we have an unbreakable buddy system. When girls are drunk, they can turn into a whole different person, so don’t be surprised if one of the girls in the group decides to wander off towards the table with the Florida State freshman who all got in with fakes , and she didn't tell her group where she went. If you do end up losing someone but you know she’s still at the same location as you, you can always round her up at the end of the night when its last call and security’s kicking you out.

Bring a portable charger - even veterans forget to do this, but trust us when we say you’ll be the MVP of the night if you bring the portable charger! There have been more times than we can count where all of our phones are at 2 percent right when we need to call the Uber that is going to take about 20 minutes, and there are no chargers in sight. Save yourself from playing Sherlock Holmes trying to find the owners throwing the party just to ask them to use their charger just for them to say no or make up a lame excuse as to why not, and cost yourself a good 10 mins of battery life! Just bring a portable charger everywhere and you will not only have a somewhat charged phone, but every single girl will flock to you and want to be your friend.

Don't be too trusting - This one seems obvious but you would be surprised how many of us meet a new bff or hot boy and feel so comfortable that we trust them almost completely with our lives, our drinks, or our hearts.

The party world can be very superficial and girls might act like they're the new Cher to your Dionne, but in reality they probably don't have your best interest at heart! Be prepared to end some newly found bathroom friendships at a drop of a hat because you never know what someone else is capable of.

Go out with the mindset of having fun - Going out should be something you look forward to because of the social environment and being able to let yourself go a little bit! When you go out often you will start getting into the habit of going out for a specific purpose such as getting laid, meeting people to clout climb off of, just for some free dinner, to get attention from hot guys, whatever it is, when you start to feel like going out is a job and if you don't get what you wanted out of it then its a waste of a night, then don't go out. Usually, its a sign you're going out too much and you never want to get into the habit of always needing something more than just having carefree fun with your besties.

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