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Promoter FAQ's

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Anything and everything you need to know about promoters in LA

What is a promoter? A promoter is someone who can get girls into clubs for free. They are usually employed by a parent company of the clubs and promote for all the clubs that the parent company owns.

How do you find a promoter? If you’re looking for a promoter just to get you into a club, hit up a promoter on instagram! For better promoters, you should do more research and see who they’re following or who follows them. Good promoters are well connected and will take you to the good parties or the celeb parties. Another way to find a promoter is starting with one promoter and working your way up! It's easy to meet promoters at clubs and parties so don’t be afraid to network your ass off!

Do promoters get paid? Depending on the parent company (the company who owns the club) promoters get paid by every girl they get in. If a girl they invite doesn’t get in based on something superficial, the promoter doesn’t get paid and the girl doesn’t get in, so they are constantly looking for superficial attributes depending on how strict the club is.

Do promoters also promote parties? They do! Not all promoters promote parties but usually the promoters who like to party and not get paid for promoting will usually promote parties! Most promoters are guys so promoting is their IN to these parties if they bring a lot of hot girls! There are def celebs who invite promoters to parties where they can invite girls and those are the parties you want to be at.

When do you usually meet your promoter outside the club? Your promoter will get your number and text you the time he wants you to be outside waiting for him. 11:30 is usually the latest they will ask you to come but if you are close to the promoter they might tell you 11:45, it just depends on the promoter and what time he needs you to be outside of the club. Whatever you do DON'T BE LATE, especially if it's a promoter you haven’t used before.

If my promoter invites me to the dinner before, is it free? A promoter will NOT ask you to pay if he invites you to the dinner before! If you're starving, broke, and don’t want to be late, we suggest taking your promoter up on the offer and grub your life away.

Can promoters get in guys? Yes and No. It really does depend on how connected your promoter is and how close you are to them. There are very little to no promoters who can get in guys for free. That’s the one advantage us ladies have so why not utilize it! If you don’t want a girls night and you want to bring in your boo thing, he will have to pay around $40 - $100 but he’ll be able to be at your bottle service table for free. Tables are around $500 - $1,200 depending on the night and what celeb is supposed to make an appearance. The more girls in your group, the more likely the guy will get into the club faster and cheaper! The ratio is usually 1 guy to 8 girls so use that knowledge wisely!

Does every promoter have a bottle service table? Promoters aren’t guaranteed a table. Most promoters will try and get their group to come early so they can get a table but don’t be mad if tables change because either way you’re getting free alcohol! If your promoter gets kicked out of a table and there are no more tables, usually he will go to his friends table and try and take care of as many girls as he can but its not guaranteed you’ll be able to be at that table so be prepared to try and make new friends and finesse (flirt) your way to another table!

Will my promoter get mad if I leave the table? Promoters are getting paid for the girls they get in not the girls who stay at the table. But, it looks better if the table he's at is full of girls. If his table is empty and he sees you at another table he's probably not going to be happy. Promoters are all about loyalty and if you ditch one you just met for a better table/promoter, he might not invite you anywhere ever again. Be careful about the bridges you burn because a “bad” promoter might actually become a good promoter later on and you will be begging him to get you and your girls into Halsey’s Halloween party.

Will my promoter let me know if there’s an after party? Most likely if there is one, you will be invited to one. If the promoter doesn’t really go to after parties and they just go home, they won’t know where the after parties are and it will leave you playing Nancy Drew until the after party is already over. Most promoters will go out after so in the beginning of the night ask the promoter if there are any parties after and they will let you know if they have/hear of one. If you haven’t been invited to one by the end of the night, remind them about it and they most likely will have an address for you.

Will my promoter be annoyed if I hit them up often? Not at all. Remember, they are getting paid to get girls into places. You did them a favor by hitting them up first so they won’t be upset if you hit them up every single night asking for something or once a week! The more you use that promoter the more you get to know each other and he will know the nights you go out if you only do weekends or every so often! If they know you go out, most promoters will be texting you about parties/clubs/events before you even know about them.You will probably become friends with your promoters that you use often!

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