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Popular Drinks to order at any bar

At a bar with your besties but you have no idea what to order?! Here is your party girl guide to some of the most popular drink recipes you can order at any bar!


.5 oz Vodka

.5 oz Rum

.5 oz Gin

.5 oz Blue Curaco

Splash of Sweet and Sour

Splash of Sprite

Garnish lemon

Bay breeze

1.25 oz Vodka

Fill with Cranberry and pineapple

Cape Cod

1.25 oz Vodka

Fill Cranberry

Garnish lime


1.5 oz Vodka

1.5 oz Triple Sec

1 oz Cranberry

Garnish lime


1.25 oz Vodka

Fill grapefruit

LA Water

.5 oz Vodka

.5 oz Rum

.5 oz Gin

.25 oz Blue Caraco

.25 ozMelon Liquor



Garnish Lemon

Lemon Drop

1.5 oz Sky Citrus

.5 oz Triple Sec

.5 oz Simple Syrup

3-4 Lemon Squeeze

Splash sour/sprite


Long Island

.5 oz Vodka

.5 oz Rum

.5 oz Gin

.5 oz Triple sec



Garnish lemon

Mai Tai

1 oz Rum

1 oz Triple Sec

Orange Juice

Pineapple juice

Grenadine (bottom)

.5 oz Myers Rum (float)

Garnish lime and cherry


2 oz Rye or Canadian whisky

3/4 oz vermouth

Dash Angostura bitters

Maraschino cherry (Garnish)


1.5 oz Tequila

.5 oz Triple sec


Squeeze 2 limes and drop

Salted Rim

Garnish lime

(Cadillac Float .5 oz Gran Mariner)


1.5 oz White rum

1 oz Fresh lime juice

2 teaspoons Sugar

6 leaves of Mint Soda Water

Moscow Mule

1.25 oz Vodka

Squeeze 2 limes

Ginger beer

Old Fashioned

1.5 oz Bourbon or Rye whiskey

1 Sugar cube

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Few dashes plain water


1 oz Tequila

3 oz Grapefruit

Pina Colada

1 oz Coconut cream

1 oz White rum,

3 oz Pineapple juice


1.25 oz Vodka

Fill Orange Juice

Sex on the Beach

1 oz Vodka

1 oz Peach Schnapps

Orange juice

Cranberry juice

SPLASH pineapple juice

Tequila Sunrise

1.5 oz Tequila

.5 oz Grenadine syrup

3 oz Orange juice

Tokyo Tea

.5 oz Vodka

.5 oz Rum

.5 oz Gin

.5 oz Melon Liquor



Garnish Lemon

Tom Collins

1.25 oz Gin

Fill sour and sprite

Vodka Collins

1.25 oz Vodka

Fill with sour and sprite

Whiskey Sour

1.5 oz Bourbon whiskey,

1 oz Lemon juice

1.5 oz simple syrup

White Russian

1 oz Vodka

.5 oz Kahlua

Half and half

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