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PGB's Guide to being your own Celeb Stylist

Do you ever wonder how celebrities look perfect, whether they’re going to the MET Gala or simply grabbing takeout with friends?? No matter the occasion, they always seem to have the perfect pieces to dress the part! What a lot of people don’t know is that every celebrity or high profile influencer has a stylist that does all of the work for them! Many celebrities share the same stylist or have multiple stylists for different vibes (streetwear to couture)! The stylists do absolutely everything, from pulling clothes & accessories at showrooms, to creating virtual closets, to setting up fittings for their A-list celebs. The stylist makes sure each look is carefully put together to align with the clients brand and personal taste. Having your own stylist that dresses you in all the latest fashion pieces from Paris fashion week isn’t something most of us will ever have the luxury of experiencing, but we have created a step by step guide for you to follow to be your own stylist!


1. Find your Body Type

Most stylists will start off by searching for pieces that generally look good on their client’s body type. Out of the 6 body shapes shown below, choose the one that best matches your own body! (Triangle, inverted triangle, round, pear, hourglass, rectangle)

2. Find the Celebs with your Shape

Once you narrowed down what shape your body is closest to, think about celebrities that share that same body shape and write down a few! After writing down a few, go to Pinterest and search each name to find different looks that they have been seen in (Ex: “______ style inspo”).

3. Find the Celeb's Stylist

Decide on 1-2 of your fav Celeb styles and search up who their main stylists are! This step is where you are choosing your signature “aesthetic”. (Ex: boho, girly chic, e-girl, street style, art hoe, off-duty model, etc). From here you can get a feel for what types of accessories and pops of personality the stylist likes to play with!