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PGB: Operation De-bloat

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We all get that icky feeling after totally feasting at the free promoter dinner before a night out. We overdid it on the champs, had one too many bread rolls, and just seriously don't feel cute anymore. We don't feel like going out because we feel 10 pounds heavier. First, WHO. CARES. You are still hot just the way you are and shouldn't ruin your own night because you're having fun and feeling tipsy. Second, to combat the nightmare of the bloat before bottle service, here are some tips that have saved us from heading home before 10PM.

1. Digestion Tea: Sip some Ginger, Moringa, Lemon, Peppermint, or Dandelion tea an hour ½ before going out to feel less bloated and more confident in that crop top and jean look!

2. Pure Lemon Slices: If you’re into sour tastes, this is for you! Sucking on pure lemon slices before going out will ignite your digestive system and get the juices flowing! If you are pregaming, we dare you to use it as a chaser!

3. Carbs but make it Fiber: Carbing up before going out is already a party girl must, so instead of choosing the greasy, fatty foods and eating way too much of it, choose carbs that have a good amount of fiber in it which will make you feel fuller longer and help you clear your bowels faster (if ya know what we mean)

4. Pass on the salt: We all love devouring salty things, but that is not the move before going out. Salt actually bloats you so on days you're party hopping, simply pass on the salt.

5. More water, please: The more water you drink the better! If you’re drinking water regularly, your body won’t hold onto water as much, therefore, not having as much water weight. Drink water throughout the day (add lemon for flavor while doubling the de-bloating help). Especially on going out days when you’re bound to become dehydrated, take constant sips of water!

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