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Partying in LA: Holiday Edition

A countdown of the best holidays for partying in LA from least litty to most litty:

10. Thanksgiving - A lot of people agree that Thanksgiving is somehow both one of the best

and worst holidays of the year. Everyone loves the mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese ( or “Tofurkey” if you’re one of the million vegans in LA) and the older you get the more you realize that spending time with family should always be cherished. Though it might not be

dinner at BOA, this food holiday is all about putting on your loosest pair of drawstring sweats, stuffing your face like your mom did the turkey, and passing out watching That 70’s show reruns on your couch! Not many people are partying this weekend, but if you’re looking for something to do after spending 10 hours fake smiling in a room full of relatives who can’t stand each other, DON’T WORRY this is LA, there will always be something to do! Some clubs and bars will be open that night but most people are out the Friday and/or Saturday following Thanksgiving.

9. Christmas - If you celebrate Christmas, then this is usually the time you’re spending away from the LA scene and with your family. Hopefully your cool, slightly alcoholic , Aunt (or maybe you ARE the cool alcoholic aunt) is bringing Santa’s boozy Eggnog to Christmas Eve dinner because you most likely won’t get much more lit than that. During the month of December, a lot of popular clubs and bars will have Christmas/ Holiday themed nights but they usually aren’t anything special/different. Christmas Day will be pretty quiet but we can almost guarantee you’ll find multiple “Naughty or Nice'' themed parties at night throughout the Hills during the month. This is def NOT the most litty time of the year!

8. Easter -It’s usually a more conservative holiday so for most people the only wasted they’re going to get during this holiday is chocolate wasted. While most people spend the day

hunting for chocolate filled plastic eggs with their younger cousins, if you’re at Coachella during Easter then you might be a little more lit than most of us! I can’t even imagine waking up to see Kanye’s Sunday Service live at Coachella! If you’re anywhere but Indio on Easter there’s not much to do so enjoy the day with family and if you don’t celebrate, enjoy the day off! April is the start of all the summer pool parties and festivals, so if you are dying to go out this weekend you’ll definitely find something to do! If you and your friends want to go to a huge after party, or try your first keg stand at some guy named Kyle’s pregame, this isn’t the holiday to go out!

7. Cinco De Mayo - Chips and salsa anyone? Although not always celebrated, it is the most underrated holiday for LA in our opinion!! What’s better than endless gauc and half priced margaritas!? Most of the bars and clubs will have some sort of Cinco De Mayo themed decoration like Mexican flags or special outfits for the bottle service girls that weekend and/or night! This is a holiday of pure celebration so don’t look past this day in May!

6. Super Bowl - Though it’s not a national holiday, for most people in America Super Bowl Sunday feels like Christmas. There are Commercials leading up to it for weeks, everything in the grocery store has the two teams on the box, and everyone now seems to own a Jersey. Whether you study every single play or you’re just in it for the commercials and halftime show, you definitely want to celebrate on this special Sunday! From parties, to bars, to day clubs, anywhere that has a TV and serves drinks is usually packed! So go to Target and get yourself a men’s t-shirt of whichever team colors look better on you, cut it into a crop, pair it with shorts and some knee high socks and sneakers and you're ready to party hop around LA all day and night! It really doesn’t matter if you like sports or not, Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect “holiday” to be out in LA and there is no better time than to pick a random team you like and root them on!

5. Valentines Day - or single awareness day?! Surprisingly, whether your single or not, this is

a holiday worth going out for! If you’re in a relationship you’ll most likely be at a romantic dinner at Il Pastaio, but if you’re single you don’t have to stay home on this holiday! All the clubs are Valentine’s day themed and packed with single people ready to mingle. So don’t worry if you don’t have a Valentine, you can play Bachelorette so you might end up with someone on this night in LA!

4. St. Patricks Day - no better excuse for a pub crawl and matching green shades and knee high socks with your girl gang! Even if you aren’t Irish, this is a sacred holiday for all the drinkers and partiers! St. Patty’s Day is one of the best holidays because for some reason there’s always way less pressure than any other holiday and it’s the only time you can get cheap green colored beer! If you don’t like the bar/pub crawl scene, there are a LOT of day parties and clubs open all day and night on this drinking holiday!

3. Fourth of July - America loves celebrating so of course it's one of the best holiday's to party! This is a unified holiday of shotgunned beers and tacky American flag bikinis. Whether you’re playing drunk beach volleyball in-between drinking fish bowls at the bar or you’re at bottle service taking shots at a rooftop day club, this celebration doesn’t stop at sundown! Be ready to party hop because there will most definitely be more parties than you can keep up with all night long! Because there are so many firework shows going on at night, you don’t even have to go anywhere special to see them, which means you can continue to get as lit as the sky is!

2. New Years Eve - what better way to start a new year than drinking endless bottles of Dom

in an overcrowded club trying to spot out who you’re going to kiss while waiting for a B-list rapper to do the countdown?! New Years Eve seems to never go as planned, but there are so many parties and club events on this night that wherever you do end up, it’ll be a fun LONG night! You may get home at 5am, but be prepared to wake up on New Year's Day for a bottomless mimosa brunch (if you end up not sleeping make sure to at least change outfits)!

1. Halloween - it’s probably not a surprise that Halloween is the best time of the year for party girls. We would say that this holiday is the most fun, but in LA Halloween literally lasts the entire month of October! So if you have other plans for Halloween night, you can still celebrate Halloween every weekend in October and every night for the entire week of Halloween! There is so much going on in October you couldn’t go to everything even if you tried. From drinking 1942 with Tyga at Poppy, to Halloween themed bar crawls, to getting on the guest list to all the annual celeb parties (Halsey, Dan Bilzerian, Paris Hilton, + so many more) whatever you’re in the mood for, Halloween time has got you covered! This is def the holiday to dress your best, so get cute and creative with your costume before you show up in leggings and cat ears!

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