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Party Girl Zodiac

Here's your party girl persona based on your Zodiac sign!

Aries: Gets lost every 10 min only to find them with another group taking shots with their new bffs. Everyone loves them.

Leo: Overdressed to impress, always brings a bottle for the group to take shots whenever going out with the girls. Flirts for free drinks all night, (not hard for her).

Sag: She is the life of the party. Ends up at the DJ table. She never wants the night to end, “after party?” (even when you want to go home).

Cancer:. Shy until a couple shots in and then she loves everyone. Also crying to her friends about how much she loves them.

Scorpio: Drunk or sober, they're getting laid. Dancing with the hottest guy there to make her ex jealous.

Pisces: Gets too drunk to loosen up. She would ditch a hottie with an after party for Mcdonalds french fries.

Libra: she always hooks up with “her guy” after being out with her girls. That doesn’t stop her from flirting a little when she’s out.

Capricorn: Uses every situation to their networking advantage. Leaves early after she gets the perfect pics.

Taurus: Was convinced to come out, secretly THAT bitch when she's drunk, left to go eat without telling anyone.

Virgo: not drunk enough, holds the group together, been there done that, has hair ties and makeup wipes at the end of the night, also has the weed.

Gemini: you can find her selfies with her new bffs in the bathroom. Accidentally(?) flirting LOUD AF with everyone’s boyfriend.

Aquarius: Always wants to talk to people on a “deeper level”. Her bag always has a scrunchie and a weed pen.

Let us know your sign and if it was accurate in the comments below!

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