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Most Insta-Worthy Designer Bars & Restaurants:

Updated: May 3, 2021

Most of us have heard of Christian Dior or Ralph Lauren, some of us are lucky enough to have a few of their pieces from one of their many iconic collections, and few of us have been able to dine at one of their famous hotspots! From Michelin Star chefs to world famous macaroons, these fashion eateries will leave you and your insta feed impressed! Fair warning: your wallet will be less than impressed.

1. Dior Cafe -

This pop up cafe is on the terrace of the women’s boutique in the Miami Design District. They serve teas & coffee as well as small “tea party” vibe snacks.

2. Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura -

This restaurant is located on the roof of the Gucci store on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. Upscale and super pricey lunch & dinner menus as well as full bar menu.

3. Ralph’s Coffee (Ralph Lauren) -

There’s 3 of these super cute and classic looking coffee shops in New York; Madison Ave, Rockefeller, & Flatiron.

4. The Blue Box Cafe by Tiffany & Co. -

Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe cafe that serves coffee & teas as well as finger foods. There’s a brand new location at South Coast Plaza in Orange County CA. & one under renovation in New York on 5th Ave.

5. Armani Ristorante -

located inside the Armani store on 5th Ave in New York, this restaurant offers fine Italian dining, brunch, & wines.

6. Gianni’s -

Upscale Mediterranean seafood restaurant located at The Villa Casa Casuarina, or the former Versace Mansion in Miami Beach. With the fanciest food & drinks and a gold swimming pool, this restaurant will not disappoint your insta feed or your