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If you Have to Pay Don't Stay

We are so passionate about this topic that we decided to write an entire blog about it!

Every girl needs to know one thing:

Hotness is not always the only factor when it comes to getting into clubs for free.

Most of the time surface level features will be a huge factor in whether or not you get into a club, but it really depends on a couple things: How packed it is, who your promoters are, and what A-D list celebs are attending.

In LA we’ve seen beautiful girls get turned away because they weren’t “pretty” enough to party with Kylie Jenner, but we’ve also seen girls get to a club early enough and get right in without their appearances being a factor at all. In Vegas, we’ve gotten walked straight to a table backstage while passing gorgeous model looking girls in the GA line. Truthfully, it’s up to whoever the doorman/bouncer/security is at that time and how connected your promoter is! But, if the doorman doesn't want you in, you won’t be getting in. It’s a very faulty system but it’s a system nonetheless.

The truth is, if any security guard tells you to pay EVEN IF ITS A FUCKING DOLLAR, don't. There are so many clubs that it won't be a problem for you to go somewhere else FOR FREE.

Here’s an example of what happened to us in LA:

Every night you have options on which club you want to go to. We had the options of Nightingale, Hyde, or Liaison this particular night, and wanted to go to Nightingale. We decided to stop by Liaison first to see how the vibe was and then were planning on making our way to Nightingale around 11:15.

In LA, your promoter will always tell you to get to the club at 11 or 11:15.

Like always, the night didn’t go as planned. We ended up getting to Liaison around 11:30. Any other night, 11:30 wouldn't be such a big deal. In fact, we've gotten to a better club than Liaison at 12:30 and still got in. Liaison is not a top level club nor brings in top level clients but because Soulja Boy was scheduled to be there, the club was booked solid and the lines were LONG AF. Any other night, getting in would not be a problem for a girl, but since the club was going to be packed lines started forming around 9:50pm and by the time we got there we knew we probably weren’t going to get in that night. We waited with our promoter for about an hour until we got to the literal front and the security guard told us all the girls now had to pay $40 to get in.

Following PGB’s tip “if you have to pay don’t stay” we said fuck that and decided to head to another club. By that time it was around 12:30pm and the later the night is, the harder getting in is, but we were determined to turn the night around and dance on a dirty dance floor! We called up our other promoter who was going to Hyde and asked him to get us in and......... NO SURPRISE, he said he could!

If you know LA, you know that Hyde is 10 times better than Liaison and the crowd & music is more of a fun vibe.

We ended up having the BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

We didn’t have to wait in line, we didn’t have to pay, and way more celebs showed up at Hyde (COUGH COUGH DAVID DOBRICK PLS MARRY US)…

The point is, don’t take it personally by getting mad or upset if you can’t get in or are asked to pay a cover charge, just go to another club! There are always going to be so many great clubs that you can get into without paying, so don’t feel pressured just because you’re already at one place.

because remember, IF YOU HAVE TO PAY DON'T STAY.


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