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How to have an epic girls night in

Food! - Let's be honest, half of the reason for having a sleepover is for the junk food! Take it to the next level by having it potluck style by telling all the girls to bring a different side or snack! Get creative and make a comfort food fav like loaded mashed potatoes, or pick up some chips with guac and salsa from your favorite local Mexican restaurant! Don’t be afraid to bring a dessert too, snickerdoodle cookies are always a great idea!

Mini Photoshoot! - You don’t need anything special to take the perfect insta pic! Have all the girls bring some fun clothes, shoes, and accessories and buy a phone tripod with a bluetooth clicker on amazon! Take turns, swap outfits, and when you’re ready for the group pic use the tripod and clicker to take the best girl gang pics! This should be right before the sun goes down so you can utilize the perfect lighting! If you don’t want/need to go outside for this mini photoshoot, still try to do it earlier in the night so you can take the makeup off and get into comfy clothes/PJs afterwards!

Skin Care Time! - Now that you already have your insta pics you can take the makeup off, thank god! Have at least an hour or two dedicated to a sleepover skin care routine! Pretend you’re actually getting a facial and use a facial steamer, clay face masks, and chilled cucumbers to place over your eyes! Go all out with matching terry cloth robes and spa headbands! Try making the “girls night in'' a regular thing so you can bring them with you each time!

Pedicures and Paraffin Wax! - You can purchase both on amazon to bring the best features of the spa to your sleepover! Soak your feet in a salon style pedicure tub followed by dipping them into the hot paraffin wax for feet softer than you ever thought possible! We also suggest buying Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Soak, which you can find at Target (our fav is the Lavender or Eucalyptus) to add to your pedispa for a ton of health benefits! Don’t forget to bring a couple of your fav nail polish colors to complete your “at home pedicure”

Games! - We LOVE a good game of “never have I ever” where everyone is shading each other for their cringe one night stands or still not being over their ex! Games are such a fun way to bond with the girlies over all the stupid embarrassing shit you’ve all done. Who doesn’t love a good group self deprivation session??? The brand “What Do You Meme” actually has some super fun card games like “Slide in the DMs”, “Truth or Drink”, or “For the Girls” which will have you drunk and ugly crying from laughter.

Alcohol! - The best part about having sleepovers as an adult, getting drunk with the girls! A lot of women love wine, but we’re convinced the idea of wine is always better than the actual wine itself. Try setting up a mimosa bar with flavors like strawberry cream, tangerine lime, and peach bellini! You can even use sorbet along with fresh fruit and maybe some edible glitter for the perfect “cheers” style boomerang for the insta story! Also have a spare bottle of tequila in case you need an extra shot or two!

Movies! - ARE. A. MUST.

  1. SleepOver

  2. I love you Beth Cooper

  3. John Tucker Must Die

  4. Mean Girls

  5. Clueless

  6. Jawbreaker

  7. Hot Chick

  8. Sydney White

  9. House Bunny

  10. Spring breakers

  11. The Bling Ring

  12. Sisters

  13. Heathers

  14. 13 Going On 30

  15. Bride Wars

  16. Hustlers

  17. Bridesmaids

  18. What a Girl Wants

  19. 27 Dresses

  20. Confessions of a Shopoholic

  21. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before