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Host the Perfect Summer Soirée

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Summer is officially in full swing and our seasonal depression is finally defrosting into summertime sadness. What a great time to host a pool party!? Grab that micro bikini, paint your toenails white, and get ready to RAGE the rest of summer!

Make sure you don’t forget these pool party must haves:

1. Floaties- Because who doesn’t want pics of themselves on a giant unicorn on the gram? Worth it!

2. Bubble machine for ambiance- self explanatory! Who doesn’t love bubbles?!

3. Non-alcoholic pops (ex: rocket/otter pops) - Seriously the BEST for chasing shots & staying hydrated!

4. Beach Balls - this one is an obvious must! The more balls at the party the better! 😜but seriously, buy enough to almost fill the pool!

5. No DJ no problem! From “What happens in Vegas” to “Nikki Beach”, PGB’s Spotify has the perfect playlist no matter what vibe you’re going for. Each playlist is 6+ hours long & mixes in a little something for everyone to love!

6. Snow Cone Machine - It’s the middle of summer, no one will be disappointed to see snow cones.

7. Floating games like Volleyball & Beer Pong - 70% of the girls won’t even touch the water, but they look cute floating in the pool playing games.

8. FOOD! Get creative, from burgers and hotdogs to chicken and fruit kabobs, once the munchies kick in, your party goers will be thanking you!

9. DIY backyard lounge beds - a couple blow up kiddie pools + lots of boho blankets & pillows = VIP lounge

10. Underwater LED disco light - for when the Sun goes down and the party turns up!

11. Balloons EVERYWHERE! Stick with 2-3 colors of as many balloons as you can possibly get! They’ll look so cute mixed in with the beach balls!

12. Photographer/ videographer!! This one is soooooo important if you want to capture the memories of your wild party without being on your phone the whole time! Enjoy your party, hire someone else to stress about getting the best angles before the sun goes down, + we love a good candid party pic.

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