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HAPPY HOE-lloween to all our spooky witchez and Bim-BOOs! How to SLAY LA at every party this year!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

If you have experienced Halloween in Los Angeles then you know it's not just the 31st of October we're celebrating, it's the entire month! As soon as October 1st hits, every girl in LA starts planning her month long halloween holiday. Each weekend is reserved for the uber elite annual Halloween parties in the hills. From Halsey to Dan Bilzerian to Heidi Klum, everyone who's anyone will be at these parties, so how do you get there?

NETWORK + CLOUT CLIMB like you never have before!

Most of these celeb parties will have promoters that can add you to their guest lists that regular girls like you and I can weasel our way onto.The trick is to search instagram for the best celeb party promoters or connected people. This is the most important step if you want to drink 1942 next to a half naked Jenner. Go thru who these celebs are following and look through all the influencers who are attending these parties you want to get to. Spam some high end promoter accounts with likes and a follow to get yourself on their radar. Do this with as many “connected” people you find!

Entry into any party, especially celeb parties are so superficial and cut throat. You will be asked to send a picture of yourself and whoever else you are trying to go to the party with. Now this may sound bad, but, choose who you bring wisely during halloween! If you want to get into an elite party, make sure you only invite your friends who you think could get into the party, because most likely if you try to submit a bunch of girls that dont make the cut, you won't be getting in either. And hopefully this goes without saying, but DO NOT BRING GUYS OUT WITH YOU OR ELSE YOU WON'T BE GETTING IN ANYWHERE. We don't make the rules, we just guide you through them, and it's up to you to decide if this is something you are into or not.


These parties are extremely different than the Sigma Chi halloween parties were all used to where you throw on a cut up oversized tee with some bunny ears and dirty tennis shoes before arriving at the broken gate to be greeted by Kyle and Josh asking “who do you know here?”. DON'T BE HEARTBROKEN if you do not get invited or you’re denied! Every single girl has been denied entry or left off the guest-list at some point! We can't even count how many times we have been told we were not pretty enough or good enough to go to a party or club. In LA you need to have thick skin, and being a party girl in LA you need to have even thicker skin.

To shop or not to shop:

Don't go to Windsor or party city for your costumes- they look cheap and everyone has seen them on their insta feed wayyyy to many times to be impressed by your rhinestone bra and cat ears.

Try half-ass DIYing your costumes by purchasing all the pieces you need from different sites or stores. SHEIN has the BEST and CHEAPEST clothes and you can probably find literally ANYTHING you’re looking for with surprisingly fast shipping! It's the perfect site for party clothes + there’s so much to choose from you'll end up buying way more than you planned on.

If you are ordering your costume from online, make sure you double or even triple check that it will get to you on time. There is NOTHING worse than buying the perfect fit only to have it not arrive in time for the party so you're stuck with a choice between your bff’s costume from last year or whatever animal ears they have left at target.

Costume confused:

DO NOT go looking for a costume or DIY supplies when October is more than halfway over. You need to have at least 3-5 GOOD costumes purchased, planned, and put together before the second weekend of october. And you’ll probably need 1-2 basic costumes for those random last minute parties you just can't miss, because no outfit repeating!! (those are the only acceptable times to throw on your old lingerie your ex bought you with some fake blood and call it a night).


Everyone is tired of seeing the same old Harley Quinns or Playboy bunnies- do something different- try dressing up like your fav celeb in one of their most iconic fits! Paris, X-tina, Britney, Nicki, the list is endless!

Who said couples costumes are just for couples?! We have said it before and will say it again, matching with your bff is POWERFUL! Now imagine matching with your BFF on the Party Girls’ most powerful holiday of the year!? So, rethink your Paris costume by adding a Nicole or Kim K to the mix… Maybe a Mary-Kate and Ashley moment or adding a coordinated Devil to your Angel. Whatever it may be, couples costumes with your BFF just hit different.


If you thought your college fraternity parties were scandalous, wait until you see the costumes in Hollywood hills. These parties are NOT for the body conscious or funny costumes. DO NOT pull up like Katy Perry in her Hot Cheeto costume and expect to get in anywhere! Remember in Mean Girls when Katy showed up as the dead bride? Yeah, not a good look unless you're literally Katy Perry or Lindsay herself, and we're not convinced Lindsay could even get in looking like that. If you are not comfortable wearing a thong and bra as a costume, you may be a little uncomfortable at any of these LA Halloween parties. But as we always say NEVER do anything you are uncomfortable with! Try to find some skimpy booty shorts instead of the underwear and maybe a micro crop top instead of a bra! There are so many outfits you can wear so that you can stick to your morals but still be sexy!


The Kar-Jenners are ALWAYS giving the hottest looks no matter what the occasion! If you need any inspo, take a look at miss Kendall Jenner's Halloween looks and create your own! Here are some of her most iconic costumes (which she SLAYED):