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Guide to Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

The days of being insecure about any aspect of your appearance are LONG gone, but at a bit of a price tag! Over the years, cosmetic plastic surgery has become common to get done, and even more common to talk about/admit to! You don’t need to explain to anyone why you got a cosmetic procedure nor is it anyone's business. We love a good natural beauty, but we also love the filler and botox beauties as well! Viewing anyone as less than for wearing makeup just doesn’t make sense so neither should shaming someone for going under the knife or upkeeping their fillers when it gives a woman more confidence and better self-esteem. Having fillers, botox, facelifts, ass-shots, etc. should never make anyone feel inferior just because it’s not considered “real” or “natural”. If someone who claims to be “natural” takes off their contour, lash extensions, acrylics, or hair extensions, They’re just as “fake” as the people they’re calling fake.

Women are put down and ridiculed for getting cosmetic procedures done so much to the point of (awkwardly and very obviously) lying about what procedures they’ve gotten in fear of the negativity and shame that comes along with it. The more we, as a society, starts talking openly and honestly about wanting/getting cosmetic procedures, the more normalized it will become, which will directly affect how young women (& men!) see themselves when comparing to celebrities and influencers that seem to have an unattainable beauty standard that nobody can ever seem to reach.

Always make your cosmetic decisions based solely on how YOU feel about yourself and not to appease anyone else. When starting your makeover journey, start off slowly because it's easier to add than it is to fix/takeaway if you overdo it. Permanent cosmetic surgical procedures are a lot more money and commitment than a semi permanent or short term procedure. Both have pros and cons to them but we suggest getting a semi permanent option before going all out on the surgery in order to be sure that it's something you're going to want forever. For example, one of the most common appearance enhancing procedures is a rhinoplasty (nose job). While many people that want a nose job know for sure that it's something they want and/or need, we suggest opting for a “liquid nose job” which is a form of filler decided upon by your Dr. that will give you an idea of how you’re going to look when you go for the permanent surgery. If you end up not liking your new nose, the filler will dissolve within a year or less and you can go back to your old nose! Some people even prefer keeping up with the filler forever instead of changing to a permanent nose job!

Los Angeles is very oversaturated with Medspas and plastic surgeons that the prices are competitive and you can even find some offices on Groupon! We also suggest doing a little research on what you want before heading to the nearest Medspa near you because a lot of places have special monthly discounts!

Below is everything you need to know about the most common cosmetic procedures!

Body Procedures:

1. Breast augmentation (boob job): Boob jobs are one of the most common procedures to exist in plastic surgery! When getting your boobies done, there are so many options from the type and shape of the implant, to above or below the muscle, and even to where the incision will be. The most popular options available now are silicone and the newer “gummy implants”, so the price and healing time will vary because of all the options the patient has.

Price: 6-10K

Healing time: 6-8 weeks for a full recovery and depending on the surgery you should be back to work/activities within a couple weeks of the procedure with new and improved titties!

Pain level: the most pain will be in the first 1-5 days after surgery. Your breasts and chest area are likely to feel sore but you also may feel some stabbing/ shooting pains which will be controlled by medication from your surgeon

Upkeep: depending on the person and how well their body maintains the implants, along with what kind of implant and procedures were done, you always want to schedule yearly (or every couple years) check ups. Some women may need their breasts redone within 5 years and some may not need them redone at all. Most women go about 10 years until getting another surgery to upkeep their boobies. Weight gain or loss, diet, exercise, hygiene, and more go into the longevity of your implants.

2. Liposuction and body contouring (lipo): Lipo is popular among both men and women and can be used in many different areas of the body and coupled with other procedures to achieve the best results. Some of the most popular areas are stomach, upper arms, love handles, and thighs.

Price: Pricing for liposuction will vary and depend on how many areas you have done as well as how large of an area it is. On average, lipo will start at around $3,500

Healing time: Depending on what you have done, the healing time will vary from about 1-5 weeks.

Pain level: The pain ranges from uncomfortable to feeling like a really bad bruise. Most people will be prescribed pain medication from their surgeon to control any discomfort and pain they may experience the days following your procedure.

Upkeep: Liposuction removes fat cells from the body which means when they are gone, they are gone for good! UNLESS you gain the weight back by an unhealthy diet and no exercise. Lipo can be a great push to having the body you always longed for, so once you have it done make sure to start a workout and diet plan to maintain your new look!

3. Non-invasive body treatments: Treatments that don't require surgery but must be done multiple times in order to get results. These treatments range from $100 to $1000 per session but most places will have special packages.

Emsculpt: One 30 minute session is equal to about 20,000 crunches for your abs! The results will not be permanent if you don’t keep it up with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Most patients will need around 4-6 treatments to see results that will make them look like they've been working out your entire life. I mean how do you think the sway boys got their abs?

VelaShape: reduces cellulite and tones the body with noticeable results within 4-6 weeks. Patients will need follow up appointments for maximum results

PPC Fat Drain: injectables used to destroy fat cells. Most patients will need multiple appointments and will notice the fat burning off within 4-6 weeks.

Face Procedures

1. Rhinoplasty (Nose Job): there are two kinds of nose jobs you can get. An open nose procedure is more complex and longer healing time/more bruising. A closed nose procedure is for someone who does not need as much work done. They both have their pros and cons, but investing in a nose job can boost your confidence if it’s something you’re self conscious about.

Price: 2K- 10k

Healing time: Depending on the procedure you’ll be able to show off your new nose in about 3 weeks, and yes you will have to wear the cast on your nose, you will have black eyes and bruising, and you won't look great for a week or so. Your new nose won’t be completely healed for about 6 weeks - a YEAR. It’s normal to have a bit of swelling for that whole year but most people will have minimal noticeable imperfections.

Pain level: You will be out under anesthesia so you will be asleep the entire procedure and when you wake up they will send you home that day with pain medicine. You will feel super uncomfortable but there shouldn’t be much pain.

Upkeep: Your new nose is permanent baby!

2. Buccal Fat Removal: this outpatient cosmetic procedure is performed by making small incisions on the inside of the cheeks to remove excess Buccal fat for that V-shape jawline.

Price: 2-5K

Healing time: Your new snatched face will be healed in about 7-10 days. Stick to a soft/liquid diet while the incisions are healing

Pain level: This surgery is almost painless because of how small the incisions are and how fast the inside of the mouth heals.

Upkeep: Permanent no need to touch up or redo anything after the surgery is done.

3. Surgical Lifts (eyebrow, eyelid, forehead..): Some of the most popular facial lifts are: Eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty) to fix shape or hooded appearance, Brow lifts to create more arch/ even appearance, forehead, & full face lift to combat signs of aging.

Price: depending on the area different surgical lifts can be anywhere from 2-10k

Healing time: 2-6 weeks healing time

Pain level: The procedure itself will not be painful, as you'll either be asleep or awake but local anesthetic keeps you pain/discomfort free and the discomfort after surgery will be alleviated by pain medication given to you by your doctor for certain procedures. Most will be pretty much pain free.

4. PDO Thread Lifts (non-surgical): The non surgical version of a facelift. This procedure uses tiny dissolvable threads to tighten the skin under the surface. Usually called the “lunchtime face lift” because of how quick and easy it is, these threads can be used for lip flips, eyebrow lifts, the new popular model/cat eye (like Bella and Kendall) and so much more!

Price: 2-6k depending on location and amount

Healing time: You will be ready to SLAY the day as soon as the procedure is over!

Pain level: There should be virtually no pain at all, except for some possible discomfort while the threads are being placed.

Upkeep: Unfortunately the thread lifts are not permanent and you will need follow up appointments every 9 months-2 years.

5. Injectables (Fillers, Kybella, Botox, etc): Juvederm is used to plump the skin and make the area look fuller. You can use it for a nonsurgical/”liquid” nose job or “lip filler” for the perfect pout. Botox can be used to “snatch” certain areas to create more defined features like the perfect jawline. The popular Kybella is a good filler for correcting a double chin! If you feel self conscious about parts of your appearance but want to try a less invasive option before going all out with the surgery, injectables are your way to go!

Price: $350-1200 per vial/syringe with most people needing more than 1 syringe to achieve their desired results. Most people will start with 1-2 and add more about 1 month later until they are happy with the fullness. Most people will want 2-4 syringes if they are going in with small lips. Kylie Jenner probably had 6 syringes at a point

Healing time: After your procedure you will need to ice the area for a couple days to prevent/ minimize swelling and bruising. Your lips will look scary the next day, but will return to normal size and color within a few days and you’ll be completely healed after about a week of bruising and/or swelling.

Pain level: The Doctor/Nurse will cover the area in numbing cream before giving you the injections. You will most likely feel a little sting from the needle and you will be a little sore for a couple days following the injections. For the most part this procedure is not a painful one.

Upkeep: Injectables are like magic, but unfortunately they are not permanent. Depending on your body and what/how much you get done, the results can last from 6 months to a year, so you will need to go in about 1-2 times a year for maintenance after achieving the results you want.

Ass Procedures

1. Brazilian Butt Lift (surgical): Fat transferred from abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, whatever fattier part(s) of your body you and the doctor decide to your butt to create a fuller, rounder, perkier, and all around way better ass than you had before. This is more on the riskier side of cosmetic surgical procedures but has been growing in popularity, so with a good DR. you should be fine!

Price: 5-10k+ (remember you’re not only getting a new ass, but you’re getting lipo so you’ll be slim thiccc )

Healing time: You won’t be doing anything for about 3-5 weeks while your body is healing. You can’t sit or lay on your back for a couple weeks, you’ll be wearing a compression garment, and you will have to skip the gym for a couple months. The full recovery time takes about a year so you must have patience for this procedure.

Pain level: Most people report BBLs feeling more like muscle soreness instead of pain, but everyone is different so the doctor will send you home with pain medicine to help.

Upkeep: The BBL is a permanent procedure so once you are healed, your new body is complete! Remember to stick to a good diet and exercise so that you don’t gain back the weight you just had transferred to your ass.

2. Butt Implants (surgical): Like a boob job, implants are placed in your butt to create a fuller perkier rounder bla bla bla you get the point. BUT it’s much riskier and way more invasive than a BBL because the risk of them moving never goes away and the healing process is a long one. Implants are generally not recommended when wanting to enhance your booty, but when the patient does not have enough fat for a BBL, implants may be their only option. We would not recommend implants even if it’s the only option.

Price: 4-10k depending on what you have done/where you go.

Healing time: The recovery is actually one of the hardest in all of plastic surgery. You will be presentable in about 3-6 weeks but will still need to take precaution by sleeping on your stomach and avoiding exercise for at least 8 weeks.

Pain level: Depending on the person and the procedure, there will be some degree of pain for the first couple weeks.

Upkeep: Unlike breast implants, the butt implants will not need to be redone. They are permanently in your ass forever unless they need to be fixed or you’re over them.

3. Filler (non-surgical): Sculptra, a liquid dermal filler, is injected to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin in order to create a more plump look of the booty. It’s far from a one and done, this procedure must be done many times to get the desired Kylie Jenner curves but once you have your “booty goals” you’ll only need to touch up every 1-2 years. Sculptra is the only filler considered fairly safe for butt enhancement. NEVER get silicone or any material/liquid not approved by the FDA and always go to a board certified plastic surgeon.

Price: For this procedure they charge by the vial, meaning you need to buy multiple vials to plump that booty up. Everyone charges differently so they can be priced anywhere from $400-1,500. Expect to need about 5-10 vials per side.

Healing time: You may be a little sore after but in a couple days you’ll be back to normal but with a better ass. Sculptra results will not be shown right away. You will gradually notice the curves start to form and your booty getting bigger as the collagen produces within your body.

Pain level: You may bruise/swell in the injection area for a couple days but the pain should be minimal if any at all .

Upkeep: Filler makes it so easy to have the body of your dreams. If you are scared of going under the knife, using filler can create almost identical results when done correctly. Results can last up to two years, so you would probably go in every year or so to get it touched up. Don’t go overboard on ass shots and always go to a licensed professional because it can look pretty obvious and be dangerous if the Dr. doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Name a celebrity or influencer who DOESN’T have any cosmetic help. If you said anyone’s name, unfortunately, you’re wrong. Everyone you see from Hollywood to your Instagram

feed has had some type of cosmetic procedure. While most celebs credit their looks to weird diets and cheap face wash, we respect and STAN the ones like Tana Mongeau who Tik Toks herself getting injections in her ass. While being transparent and honest with such a large fanbase is important, both owning up to and denying procedures will cause hate so we can understand why so many celebs try to cover up their med spa visits! In no particular order, here is a list of some celeb and influencer fav places and doctors (RN’s can do injectables too) that “give the best facials”(lol). Check out their Instagram handles to see their work!

  1. Nurse Jamie @nursejamiela - an all around fav

  2. 7Q Spa @7qspa - Influencer fav (Tana's fav)

  3. Snatched LA - female owned and operated, first year in business

  4. SEV laser aesthetics @sevlaseraesthetics- Kardashian fav for hair removal

  5. Dr. Kassir @drkassir - Based in NY but the KING of nose jobs deserved to be on this list.

  6. IGlow Med Spa @iglowmedspa - a Beverly Hills influencer fav

  7. Dr Nassif @drpaulnassif & @nassifmedspa - Celebrity plastic surgeon & “Botched” specialist

If you're looking into getting any kind of procedure done (invasive or not) make sure you're only going to a trusted and reputable healthcare professional who is a licensed professional! While most procedures are fairly safe with minimal to no complications, if you go to someone who is $300 cheaper but not an expert in that particular procedure you’ll end up having to spend more money getting it redone along with a huge increase of problems! So if you’re looking into getting a boob job, don’t go to an orthodontist. Getting injections of any kind from an unlicensed injector has a lot of risks because if they inject into a blood vessel you can have a stroke, blindness, or ulceration or scarring. You really can't inject yourself (PLEASE DON'T TRY TO) It has to be someone who’s extremely trained in filler and injection. Make sure to always read the Doctor’s reviews and look at samples of previous work before committing! Before going to your appointment, go on Pinterest and save some inspo to show your doctor what you are hoping to achieve!

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