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Every Girl Needs a Shot (Glass)

Updated: May 3, 2021

If you’re like us, you’re constantly filling up shot glasses with your fav alcohol only to quickly swallow the shot after the inevitable cheers that one friend always makes your entire friend group do. We believe that drinking in style just makes everything much more fun! Instead of going to your local grocery store and getting the same mini red solo cup shot glasses that everyone always uses, stock up on some cute and scandalous ones that will have your besties begging to take another shot just for the sake of holding the fun shot glass. We’ve collected our favorite shot glasses from all over the internet with links to buy them yourselves! Unfortunately the shot glass section of the internet is limited, but if you ever want to make your way to Spencers at your closest mall, they have the BEST section with hundreds of fun shot glasses!

"Drink Up Bitches"


"Oh, shut the f*ck up and do a shot - Me as a Therapist"


"Prescription Shot"