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Drink Of the week: Tavour

Updated: May 3, 2021

Your probably thinking, what alcohol name is Tavour?! Well guys we have a special Craft Beer delivery service we're reviewing today! Think of Tavour as your new GO TO subscription box for craft beers all over the country that delivers right to your doorstep.


This custom box comes with beer from independent craft companies all over the united states from Minnesota to Alaska to Kentucky and to California, You get a range of beers that you would not have found without Tavour! When we received our custom box of beer goodies, we had used a form to customize the box to give us a variety of Craft beer from Stouts to Ciders! It arrived with 12 unique beers that we personally taste tested to make sure it was a company we would want to review (THEY HAVE DESSERT BEERS TO). First of all, the beers had the most unique and cool labels that we were consumed with reading each label carefully for 15 minutes before we even tried one! The labels are so cool and different that we had such a good experience looking at each one! To try it out, download the Tavour App and look through all the different kinds of beers they have! So if you're a beer connoisseur (or want to be) this is the app for you! sign up now & use code HAPPYHOUR for $10 off your first order of $25 or more!


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