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Drink of the Week: Sun Chaser

Reimagine drinking with help from Sun Chaser, the 60 calorie mocktail with a buzz.

Sun Chaser is an all-natural, 0% ABV, THC/CBD-free beverage that features a blend of nootropic supplements which target the brain's center for stress relief and mood. This

combination of supplements creates a gentle buzz for Sun Chaser drinkers, allowing you to unwind and relax without experiencing the negative effects associated with alcohol consumption. Low calorie, no-hangover, better drinking.

We personally think it's an amazing substitute for non-alcohol drinkers who want a nice buzz! We experienced a buzz while drinking it and can say it definitely makes you feel like you've had a couple sips of some champagne.

If you're interested in trying it, use our code: HappyHour for 5% off!


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