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Drink of the Week: Iluna Hangover Recovery

Feeling Hungover AF?!

ILUNA (such a cute name.. seriously) is a Los Angeles based hangover remedy/herbal supplement company with a pretty impressive background! They combine scientific medical studies with Traditional Eastern Medicine to create 100% all natural medical grade-herbs for their products...we don't know about you but we love seeing science behind a hangover remedy! Made with 14 different medicinal herbs, ILUNA also supports and protects liver (AKA what alcohol negatively effects) and cardio health with its anti-inflammatory function! We suggest adding this into your daily routine for better overall health and wellness but also if your an alcohol lover like us! ILUNA is your BFF for stopping that headache and gross morning after drinking feeling! Add a packet into your pregame and wake up the next morning ready for mimosas (or work lol).

Not only is their company super cool, but their instagram is cute too!! Their packaging is totally our vibe with bright pink and purple colors!

“ILUNA is different from almost all of the other hangover related products in the market, because it does not rely on vitamins, electrolytes, or DHM - a substance you get from Asian raisin trees.

DHM is quite well-known, but the key is it requires other medicinal herbs to work synergistically. It alone does not do much just like CBD needs THC to fully activate its potency. That being said, ILUNA is made with 14 different medical herbs and is formulated in a way that it maximizes its effect. The formula is based on both Traditional Eastern Medicine and medical studies and developed by licensed medical doctors in CA. Unlike other companies, we aren't extracting anything so there is absolutely no chemical involved - ILUNA is truly all natural smart supplement for people with modern lifestyles. Our goal is to help people maintain wellness while they are enjoying their times with friends and families. We do not encourage intemperance, but we definitely encourage taking ILUNA before you start drinking (make it a routine) especially if you are going to drink more than a beer or a glass of wine. We tried our best to make it clear on the packaging, but the content is meant to be swallowed with water, so don't try to dissolve in water. “

We absolutely love ILUNA! Instead of having to dissolve a packet in water and having to chug an entire glass of bad tasting vitamins, we love that its something we can just swallow whole and drink with water! It works for both trying to survive our wild weekends or our heavy work weekdays!

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