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DIY Drunk Jenga

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Feeling crafty?! DIY Drunk Jenga is the perfect craft, whether you want to give a thoughtful (But fun) gift to your friend or you need a new game for those scandalous game nights (there’s only so many times we can play Kings cup for it to get BORRRIINGGG), this crafty game will leave you with plenty of opportunity to drink the night away and have fun doing it.

This is your DIY Guide to creating Drunk Jenga

1. Buy the OG game

- Classic Jenga can be found literally at any place that sells games, go to your local Target or Walmart or buy it online for about $16.

2. Grab some craft materials at your local craft store (Michael’s, Amazon, Walmart)

- Depending on how crafty you’re feeling, you can get a couple of your favorite colors of acrylic paint and some sharpies, or you can really go all out with glitter and metallic paints! Whatever you think won’t turn out like a kindergarten project, DO IT!

3. Brainstorm Your Actions

- Write out different actions to do based on what you and your friends like! You will need about 30 of them so get creative. Some examples include: Kiss the person you find most attractive, girls drink, oldest drinks, slap the person across from you, never have I ever - 5 fingers, Spin the bottle, everyone drinks, lose a turn, etc.