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Celebs Favorite Miami Dinner spots

Miami is a one of a kind party destination that we believe every girl deserves a trip to at least once in their lives! From partying 24 hours straight at E11even to taking tequila shots at Nikki Beach, once you experience Miami’s social scene you’ll never want to leave! The weather’s beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the FOOD is beautiful. While the nightclubs and yacht parties are the reason you go, Miami’s restaurant scene will have you coming back! Most people don’t associate restaurants with the party scene but in Miami, restaurants have a whole new meaning (+ have the best background pics for the gram). While some people like gatekeeping so they stay unique, we’re here to spill it all! These are the most popular restaurants in Miami where you’re bound to be seated next to a Kardashian!

Papi Steak - A one of a kind steakhouse in Miami Beach, this Groot Hospitality owned restaurant brings new twists on classic meat dishes. Although it's pretty new to the restaurant game, establishing in only 2019, it has already caught the attention of some of the world's most famous stars including Drake, Scott Disick, Alec monopoly, Amelia Gray, Anitta, Lele Pons, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dog, Sofia Richie, Amanda Diaz, and a lot more!

Komodo - This legendary Southeast Asian culinary experience should definitely be on your

list of places to go! Its plate designs, cocktails, and aesthetic makes it the ultimate foodie’s

dream. Located in Brickell, it is known for being one of the best places to dine in Miami and has a reputable list of celebs who dine there, including: Winnie Harlow, Zack Bia, French Montana, Diddy, Natalia Dyer, David Portnoy, Olivia O’brien, Chris Brown, Tyga, Dotcom, Anitta, and obviously many more!

Swan - Located in the Miami Design District, this American food restaurant is a go-to for yummy burgers, desserts and cocktails! Owned by our Miami nightlife king David Grutman

and the iconic Pharrell Williams, Swan has definitely made a name for itself through good food, good company, and a beautiful aesthetic for your insta pics. Some celeb sightings include, The Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Tyga, Meek Mill, Tristan Thompson, David Portnoy, Jake Paul, and MANY others.

Planta - Not only is this restaurant 100% plant based, but it is ethically sourced and only uses

high quality ingredients. If you are a Vegan or just love trying different foods, we definitely recommend taking a look at Planta’s menu and delighting in the delicious food chef (and co-founder) David Lee curates! This South Beach restaurant is a staple for celebs such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Supermodels, Influencers, and anyone living that plant based life!

Kiki on the river - Kiki, Do you love me? Kiki on the River sure does!

This modern greek restaurant was inspired by life on the Miami river

and really does live up to its name! The decor and the dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean and the drinks carry a tropical aesthetic. Celebs such as Lebron James, Michael Bay, Future, David Beckham, Erika Costell, Amanda diaz, and a lot of Micro Influencers dine here!

Versace Mansion - An experience like no other, the Versace Mansion (former home of iconic fashion designer Gianni Versace) is a boutique hotel with a Mediterranean restaurant that

has amazing food and even better ambiance. Staying at the hotel is not required in order to eat at the restaurant, but we do recommend staying at the hotel because the rooms and pool are to die for! The restaurant is a classic fav for celebs and Influencers to post on their Instagram! While the food may be pricey, this would be a splurge that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty. Some (of the many) celebs that have dined here are Miley Cyrus, Amanda Diaz, Beyonce, Tana Mongeau, Lionel Richie, Drake, Justin Bieber, Dasha Mart, and anyone else you can possibly think of.

Mila - Located in South Beach, this Japanese and Mediterranean fusion restaurant has stolen the heart (and Instagram feeds) of many influencers and celebs. Not only is it known for its food, but it's also a rooftop lounge and mixology bar! Mila is definitely a go-to if you’re visiting South Beach and want a wonderful dining experience or want to run into a couple influencers or celebs such as Maluma, Alexa, Collins, Stephanie Acevedo, Sandra Kubicka, Claudia Sampedro, and so many more!

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