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Best Party Movies of All Time

Everyone has those weekends where staying home sounds just a little bit better than going out to the club. But that doesn’t mean the party stops there! Grab some chocolate, popcorn, and your favorite wine (or tequila – we don’t judge!) and throw yourselves into these top 5 party movies with your best gals!

The Hangover

VEGAS BABY! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – but not if you don’t have any memory of what happened after your bachelor party. A baby, a tiger, and sketchy tattoos… Caesar’s Palace is always full of surprises for Doug (Justin Bartha) and his three best friends. If you can’t make it to Vegas this weekend, then sit back and watch the craziest Vegas trip of a lifetime.

Project X

You might have been the cool kid invited to all the parties or even throwing the parties. Or you might have been the shy fly on the wall never invited to these parties. But I guarantee you’ve never experienced a party as crazy as this one. Project X lets you live out the best of both worlds! Thomas, Costa, and JB throw what must be the biggest party in film history to make a name for themselves before graduating high school. From drug dealers to cars flying into the pool, this movie is a wild ride.

Girls Trip

This movie cast is literally my dream blunt rotation. Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Regina Hall are the QUEENS of Mardi Gras in this movie. If you haven’t been to New Orleans or Bourbon Street before, this is your sign to book your flight. You’ll laugh and cry watching this sisterhood fiasco discover new men, new passions, and new memories!


If you have a sister or sibling, your home might be filled with memories of playing tricks on each other or your parents, sneaking out to parties, and even sneaking people into your house. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are HILARIOUS in this 2-hour film. Now that their family home is going to be sold soon, Maura and Kate are two sisters who decide to throw one last party. Bring back the high school cuties and mean girls!


Did everyone see Zac Efron visit East High again… one month after Vanessa Hudgens did? 👀 We did! Oh what a girl would do to go to a frat party hosted by Zac Efron. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star as a married couple with a baby who just move into a frat house. Party after party after party! Nobody can resist Teddy (starred by Efron), even the dad next door who falls into the temptation of drugs, alcohol, and college girls! Relive the BEST years of your life with this movie!


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