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Best Birthday Cakes in LA for the Bday B*tch

Updated: Mar 30

If you’re like us, you probably cry every year on your birthday. Whether it’s flaky friends or a less than bare minimum boyfriend, birthdays can be bittersweet. But we think that every girl deserves a birthday cake of her dreams! Aside from the fancy dinners and bottle service, this smallest detail can sometimes be the sweetest part of your birthday. Rihanna said it best, “Cake cake cake cake!”

Here’s our top recommendations of small businesses that will customize your perfect birthday treat and make your day 10x better! (Or send this link to your friends so they can surprise you, of course!)


Let the world know you’re not a basic bitch and order from Betchin Cakes. Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton do it best – not only in their fashion sense, but also in their taste buds! Brittni Popp will customize a blinged out, Barbie doll party right on top of your cake!


For a more classy and sophisticated birthday dinner, try out Crumbles Patisserie. Located on Venture Blvd. in Encino, Crumbles offers custom layered cakes cut out in numbers or letters topped with beautiful flowers, macarons, and even butterflies. Even model and actress Sofía Vergara eats their delicious desserts!


If you’re somewhere in between, then Cakes by Alexys is the perfect place for you. With an all-female staff, this Latina-owned company makes cakes that taste as good as they look – not to mention their sustainable packaging and vegan or gluten-free options!


But if you like bling AND you’re on a budget, you can even customize your own cakes! Sprinkles, edible glitter, and mini alcohol bottles is literally all you need to have the picture-perfect cake to top off your special day. Don’t forget the passed out Barbie doll!

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