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A Glimpse into New York Nightlife

From Speakeasies to Studio 54 to Limelight to dive bars and to Fashion shows, It is no secret New York’s nightlife scene has always been one of the most prominent party hubs in the US. We all know the energy of the Big Apple is unmatched till this day, and it trickles into the booming nightlife scene that New York has always been known for.

Midnight dinners and rooftop bars are a huge part of New York due to the endless amount of opportunity that this sleepless city emulates.

New York is always on the go so it’s not surprising that restaurants like Catch close at 3am and clubs like 1oak close at 4am AND THEN there’s the countless amount of after parties that go on after those 4am last calls….. New York, you are wild!

A normal weekend out would consist of a dinner and pregame at PHD Terrace followed by bottle service at 1oak then most likely an after party (you’ll find one at the club or your promoter will text you about one) and then waking up the next day for brunch at Lavo and a pool party at Profundo, then getting ready to do the night all over again! The cool thing about New York is that it’s so versatile when it comes to places to party! If you’re feeling a lowkey vibe you can go to lounges like Public or Central, if your a party animal you can do Nightclubs like Vandal and Dayclubs like Beauty and Essex, and if you just like to have a drink at dinner, the amount of restaurants in the city are endless! New York also has a really poppin Yacht party scene that we definitely recommend trying to finesse your way into if you’re there during the summer!

We all love getting the baddest insta pic for our feed, but NY is the fashion capital crawling with models, so what you wear and where you wear it is super important!

The clubbing and brunch attire is basically the same as any high end club in other cities except maybe adding a faux fur coat because unlike LA or Miami, New York has snow in the winter so prepare to freeze your ass off in your crop top and peep toe heels! It’s such a trendy city so anywhere you go, your outfit should be on point!

There’s so many places throughout the city for the perfect insta pic, but a lot of clubs/lounges have some of the best backdrops! If you want to get a good pic while you party, check out PHD terrace (There is a white flower tunnel and a staircase with a neon sign saying “It was all a dream”), Up & Down Nightclub (a polaroid photo wall- you might even get a quick photo with artists like Tyga), The Rosé wine mansion (endless photo ops with pink walls, green garlands, purple butterfly tunnels + more), Public Hotel/Lounge (The orange neon escalator and electric blue tunnel), but these are just a few of the countless places NY has to offer!

If you’re wondering when to go to New York, we recommend trying to book a flight during a time when there are major events happening. The event itself is great to go to but if you’r already over budget, there will be plenty of after parties. NY fashion week, the MET gala, VMA’s, and Tribeca film fest are celeb central so if you want a chance to run into your favs like Ariana Grande or Orlando Bloom, these events are your best chance! For the Raveheads and festival girls, New York’s got you with events like Governors Ball, Electric Zoo, and Hot 100 fest.

No matter what type of Party Girl you are, New York is a dream destination for your nightlife bucket list!

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