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A cheat sheet for your eyeshadow

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

We all know by now eyeshadow is an absolute ART! Even the most skilled makeup guru's

have the most trouble with putting on eyeshadow. This eyeshadow fear is due to factors such as the eyeshadow color, the application, or just taking a chance on colors you've never used or mixed before. Instead of using up your last makeup wipe to take off the eyeshadow you thought you would love but hated, This guide focuses on your eye color so you can take risks while still staying within the flattering shades that you know will work. Here is a cheat sheet to the best colors for your eye color!

Blue Eyes - For your angelic blue eyes, warmer tones are always a YES! Since your eyes can already stand out on there own, wear those earthy browns and toasted orange tones as much as you want, it will for sure make your eyes POP! For a bolder night-time look try opting for a glittery silver or deep blue!

Brown Eyes - Your beautiful brown eyes can’t go wrong with any eyeshadow color! The traditional gold’s, brown’s, and nudes can work for a more natural daytime look while complimenting all the different shades of brown in your eyes! If you’re feeling adventurous, we suggest trying metallic purple’s, green’s, and grey’s which will dramatically make those brown eyes pop!

Hazel Eyes - the most complex of them all, hazel eyed beauties can choose what hue in their eyes they want to play up! Go with basic brown shades for a chill look and add some glitter to transition to a night-time look. If you’re looking to highlight the green in your eyes, we recommend rich brown and purple shades!

Grey Eyes - The most unique and mysterious , grey-eyed hunnies are rare and gorgeous! Grey, black, brown, and nude shades, added with some shimmer for that extra sparkle, will accentuate your already hard to miss eyes. If you want to play on the sultry side, choose rich shades like reddish brown or plum for a date-night look.

Green Eyes - Green eyes are beautiful and can be accentuated with colors that have red undertones! Lavender, pink, maroon, or even a deep blood orange are the perfect colors to bring out your eyes! If you want a more casual day to day look, try a rich chocolate brown with a metallic gold shimmer.

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