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8 Editing Apps your Favorite Influencers use

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Do you ever wonder how your favorite influencers always post the most flawless pics? Their skin is always glowing, acne free or perfectly sun-kissed tan even in the middle of winter? Here is the secret: It’s all editing, baby. Every influencer’s post goes through about 5+ rounds of different editing apps before they ever hit your timeline, so remember that next time you’re judging your 300 unedited pictures against Kylie Jenner’s professionally retouched works of art. We are all gorgeous the way we are, but it doesn't hurt to fix some insecurities in your pics to compete with all the other influencers doing the same thing!

These are the top editing apps used by influencers and celebs (even if they deny it):

1. Facetune: The most infamous editing app of them all! Facetune is one of those editing apps that every girl likes to deny using, but could never post without it. There is no shame in our Facetune game! Pictures make the slimmest people look bigger than they are, so cinching in our waists a little should not be as big of a deal as it is! This app is perfect for flattening your bloated tummy after too many mimosas, adding some volume to the end-of-day flat hair, or smoothing and retouching the drunk glow we all love so much. You can use Facetune for pretty much any basic fixes to your body or face, but don't get too crazy or you’ll start looking like a whole different person and that could slowly start to turn into catfishing....

2. Perfect365: If there is any app off this list that you should immediately download, Perfect365 would be it! The app lets you apply every step of makeup to your pictures without it looking fake at all! You can choose from countless preset looks or use any of the “beauty tools” to create and save your own looks. You can also remove any blemishes, brighten your skin, teeth, and eyes, contour your nose and jawline, slim your face and plump your lips, pick from different shades of foundation, blush, and bronzers, this app makes Facetune look basic! It's not just easy, it feels like you're back being 12 years old playing those fun beauty games except you're the model! Be careful with this one because it’s super easy to go a little overboard and put too much makeup on.

3. SnapSeed: There are so many different ways to edit your pictures with SnapSeed! From directing the spotlight to your face and smoothing your skin, to sharpening and detailing, to the double exposure feature, SnapSeed has all the basics and then some for editing the perfect insta worthy pics. The best part is you can also isolate certain areas/colors to make brighter, more saturated, more intense, etc which creates a more personalized picture to your exact liking.

4. KuniCam: This is hands down the best app for filtering your photos.You can spend hours looking through all of the different presets and even adjust them to your liking. From giving yourself the perfect tan to creating that polaroid pic look to even adding dust or rain, this app really does it all.

5. PS Express: This is adobe photoshop on the go so if you're super into adobe products we suggest this app. it's easy to use and acts as a mini photoshop session for your photos. You can adjust the pictures vibrance, exposure, shadows, etc and completely change the color of your top you wanted to. It a must if you're into photography or want your pictures looking professional.

6. Prequel: Whether you want to spice up your own insta stories, or you need some creative marketing help, the Prequel app will give you the most unique and eye catching stories everyone will be DMing you to ask how you made them! You can even use this app to edit your feed posts if you want to get artsy. There are ton of unique filters and effects you can add to your pictures or videos such as more bling effect, VHS setting, 3D, etc.

7. Retouch: The best app for removing any acne, bruises, spots, fly away hairs, literally anything you don’t want in the picture you can remove with this app. It's an easier version of healing or patching and it has different settings for whether you want to edit out a line, an object, or just a blemish.

8. LP: Turn live pictures into short videos or GIFs! If you spent all day taking pics and can’t find one that’s good enough for a feed post, (if they were taken as live pictures on the Iphone) hold them down and see what they would look like if they were 2 second videos! If you love it, this app will help you save them into videos so that you can post them to your insta and have at least one thing to post from that day.

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