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5 reasons you aren’t happy being single

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

1. You are focusing too much on other people’s relationship “highlights”

a. With so much pressure from social media, it’s easy to get consumed in comparing other people’s “perfect relationships” to your own "Not so perfect" life. We already know that people only post the best moments/highlights of their lives, which also applies to their relationships. Whether you're reading a tweet about how a couple is “SO in love” or seeing a pic of Megan Fox and MGK making out on the red carpet, remember that they aren’t posting their fights, break-ups, or bad days. And let's be real, behind most of those perfect insta pics is MAJOR TOXICITY.

Most people don’t talk about the negative/toxic parts of their relationship, which makes it so easy to want what they have and find yourself feeling jealous and sad that you don’t have that yourself. Focus on you and building your own personal relationships instead of comparing yourself to someone else’s. Remember that comparison is the thief of joy.

2. You haven’t spent enough time being by yourself

a. One of the hardest pills to swallow is that everyone should be content being single before being in a relationship. Most people go from relationship to relationship barely spending any time with themselves, causing a lot of codependency issues. This makes it SO HARD to just spend time alone and enjoy being single. Embrace your singleness! The real self love journey can only be done by you and for you, so spend your single time learning and loving yourself.

When life gets hard, and you're missing that feeling of being in a relationship, or just feeling alone, remember that you need to learn to love being your own company before you can let someone else love it. Heartbreaks take a lot of time to heal, but once you get over that initial sadness THE WORLD IS YOURS AND YOURS ALONE!

3. You haven’t explored all of your options

a. Let’s face it, it is SO MUCH FUN being single. It’s your chance to live it up without having someone else to think about. You can talk/flirt/hook up with whoever you want without facing any consequences or caring about another person’s feelings.

Spend your time going out with your friends, going on careless dates, and focusing on your own needs and wants. There are so many fish in the sea girl, you don’t need to worry about finding one- they will swim to you.

4. You seek too much validation from outside sources

a. This may seem harsh but, girl STOP worrying about who you’re going home with at the end of the night and focus on just having fun. Whether you get swarmed by men, or you don’t talk to one all night, it shouldn’t affect your mood! It’s easy to get in the flow of needing male attention to validate whether your night was “worth” putting on makeup and going out, but take that mindset and throw it the fuck out the window. Remember that life is not meaningless because you aren’t with somebody nor does it make you any better or lesser. You don’t need someone to complete you or your experiences because you should be complete on your own. No man needs to remind you that you are THAT BITCH!

5. Your past relationships still effect you

a. Whether you're nostalgic over that epic love from the past or you're determined to find someone not as toxic, your past relationships have changed you and helped make you who you are now, so reminisce but don’t regret. It’s easy to remember all the good parts about a relationship making you forget about all the shitty parts and crave the relationship you thought it was. It’s also easy to be so damaged that you need a relationship 100 times better than the last one, making you think it’s impossible to find someone. Don’t freak out! Everything will fall into place and you will fall into love again. Make sure to use your past relationships as a guide to better your future ones!

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