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45 shops influencers LOVE

We have about 99 problems and having the closet of an influencer would solve them all!

They always have the cutest clothes with matching accessories we can’t ever seem to recreate on our own. No matter how many times we screenshot random women on insta and save them to albums titled “outfit goals” in hopes of copying it to a T, we never really get the fit quite right! Most celebs and influencers are gifted and/or paid to wear and promote clothing from all of your fav boutiques and online shops, so it's easier for them to always look stylish and perfectly put together when that's their main job.

Even though us “normal” social media users can’t get everything for free, a lot of the sites that send out PR boxes to influencers have pretty good price points and oftentimes have big sales! We’ve put together a list of 45 of the top influencer favorite stores with their Instagram handles so that you can update your wardrobe into the closet of your dreams!

  1. BooHoo @boohoo

  2. OH Polly @ohpolly

  3. Rebellious fashion @rebelliousfashion

  4. White Fox Boutique @whitefoxboutique

  5. Public Desire @publicdesire

  6. Missguided @missguided

  7. In the Style @inthestyle

  8. Revice Denim @Revice_denim

  9. Frankies Bikinis @frankiesbikinis

  10. Beginning Boutique @beginningboutique

  11. LF stores @lfstores

  12. Garage Clothing @garageclothing

  13. Colorful Natalie @shopcolorfulnatalie

  14. Boys Lie @boyslie

  15. IamKoKo.LA

  16. Hot Miami Styles @hotmiamistyles

  17. SHEIN @sheinofficial

  18. Missy Empire @missyempire

  19. Luxe to Kill @luxetokill

  20. Coal N Terry Vintage @coalnterryvintage

  21. Pretty Little Thing @prettylittlething

  22. Meshki @Meshki

  23. House of CB @houseofCB

  24. Parisian Fashion @Parisianofficial

  25. EGO @egoofficial

  26. Lulus @lulus

  27. Nasty Gal @nastygal

  28. Princess Polly @princesspollyboutique

  29. Motel Rocks @motelrocks

  30. Verge Girl @Vergegirl

  31. I AM GIA @iamgia

  32. The Ragged Priest @theraggedpriest

  33. Baddieville @baddieville

  34. Lasula @lasulaboutique

  35. Revolve @revolve

  36. ASOS @asos

  37. Hello Molly @hellomolly

  38. Glassons @glassons

  39. Showpo @showpo

  40. Storets @storets

  41. FashionNova @fashionnova

  42. Eden Sky

  43. Sorella @sorellaboutique

  44. Luna B @shoplunaB