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15 forgotten Items you must bring on your next Vegas Trip

Updated: May 3, 2021

If you’re doing Vegas right, you’re probably surrounded by around 8 of your hottest besties with about 1 - 2 duffle bags each! We all have those Vegas trips where we’re like “damn I forgot to bring…..” and we’re left asking our friends if they have an extra pair of something. Below are items that at least one girl in your group should bring (None of the items are men hint hint). We suggest assigning each girl the task of bringing one of these items with them to your epic vegas getaway so you aren’t scrambling an hour before leaving for the clubs!

1. TRASH BAGS - Weird but a must if there's a lot of girls smushed in one room! There will be lots of trash throughout the weekend but every hotel has a very small trash can so you will thank us later when you’re the only one supplying the trash bags.

2. FASHION TAPE - at least one girl ALWAYS ends up asking if anyone has fashion tape because God forbid we have a nip slip on stage with Marshmallow.

3. BANDAIDS - Think of Vegas as Disneyland for adults, a lot of walking is done but instead of your Nike shoes and water bottle in hand, you’re wearing 6inch stilettos and taking shots of Casamigos until the sun comes up. There is a lot of walking up and down the strip or dancing at bottle service so be prepared for your feet to blister and we all know that's painful AF.

4. PEDIALYTE & GATORADE - The ultimate electrolyte clutch for your very draining vegas trip. Both will work to replace all of your lost electrolytes and rehydrate you, so if you can, chase with it as much as possible!

5. DISPOSABLE RAZER - In vegas you need to look your absolute best which means having hair shaving touch ups every single day. Even though you think you won’t need it on your 2 day trip, you will feel better re-shaving your armpits and getting the little stubble already growing back so you keep that same bad bitch energy you showed the day before.

6. PLASTIC CUPS - If you have a huge group of girlies, the 2 glasses the hotel gives you won’t be enough for your girl group to all drink together so bring some extra cups if you invite some cute boys back to your hotel or some extra girlies are staying with you.

7. TRIPOD - You can’t get those hot girl gang pics without a tripod! It’s easier to just bring one than having to make a makeshift one with anything you can find in the room to stack on top of one another.

8. SELF TANNER & MITT - We know you spent the day before getting a spray tan but sometimes that’s just not enough! Girls always feel more confident when they feel tan so don’t be afraid to double down on the tanning or apply it for touch ups after spending the whole day at Wet Republic.

9. ASPIRIN - Vegas is a city full of headaches and hangovers so bring some aspirin or ibuprofen with you instead of having to buy it way overpriced somewhere in the city.

10. SPEAKER - Depending on where you stay, most hotels have built in speakers already but others don’t or they aren’t loud enough so have someone bring a speaker just in case there isn’t one where you're staying!

11. ALCOHOL , obviously- this one seems like a no brainer but a lot of people think “let’s just get it when we get there” and they’re shocked when they pay double or triple the price! Stock up before the trip with: a bottle of champagne (for morning mimosas) and tequila and/or vodka (preferably Casamigos & Grey Goose). Use the rule: 1 bottle per every 2 girls in your group!

12. HAIR TIES - there’s always one girl who wants to put her hair up halfway through the night because it’s “too hot”, or the girl who NEEDS to put it up because she’s throwing up, whatever the reason, someone will def need a hair tie!

13. GRANOLA & PROTEIN BARS - Vegas is known for some of the best restaurants and top rated food you can find, but trust us when we say, you won’t be eating more than a slice of food court pizza while rushing your way back to change from your bikini to your dress for the night. You’ll be so happy to have those protein bars keeping you alive for the weekend.

14. MAKEUP WIPES - These are an absolute MUST. We would love to be able to double cleanse and do a complete skincare routine, but we all know that’s not going to happen when we finally stumble into the hotel room at 6am with a 10am wake up call for the next day's adventures. The makeup wipes will be the MVP of the weekend.

15. SUNSCREEN - this one often gets left behind but it’s SO important! Bring a mist sunscreen for quick and easy protection & make sure you’re applying SPF on your face underneath your makeup! Remember to keep applying sunscreen throughout the day because you will be in the 100+ degree vegas heat!

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