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12 Scottsdale Influencers you NEED to Follow ASAP

Updated: May 3, 2021

The term “influencer” has become way too oversaturated with thousands of people trying to influence you to buy a product over another. It gets hard trying to weed out the fake with the real and sometimes we get influenced by people who don’t even use the product they’re influencing (take the Kardashian fit tea fiasco)! We’ve thoroughly scoped out the top Scottsdale influencers that not only have an amazing feed but who we think are the best in Scottsdale!

12. @Rozalinekatherine 14k - The Fit & Fab

11. @thesandraduran 9k - The Pastel Princess

10. @verasacee 16k - The Bottle Service Babe

9. @simplyblonde 23k - The Blonde Bombshell

8. @laceyrosern 15k - The Work Hard Play Hard

7. @courtneyhouchin 63k - The Bikini Queen

6. @ashleyinthemidst 45k - The “Pretty in Pink”

5. @jillian.d 68k - The Life of the Party

4. @Briknopf 97k- The Aesthetic Angel

3. @jadeinwonderland 194k - The Brown Eyed Baddie

2.@mjhedderman 169k - The Trend Setter

1.@nicolecarlsonxo 234k - The Fashionista

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