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10 Must Haves in your Party Purse

Whether you’re at bottle service or a party in Bel Air, always check to make sure you have all of these in your purse (or whoever’s sober).

  1. ID - okay this one should go without saying but you’d be surprised how many girlies don’t bring their ID with them! No matter where you go, bring your ID not only for getting into places, but you should feel naked without it on you! One of our fav Party Girl Tips is to do a group ID check before anyone leaves the pregame because you don’t want to be that person who starts the night off making everyone late because you didn't double check your purse. Not only will it eliminate the small heart attack you’ll get when the Bouncer asks for your ID and it's nowhere to be found, but it’ll save you $40 on the extra Ubers.

2. Condoms - Whether you’re in your “ho phase” or basically a virgin again, you should ALWAYS bring protection. Although any girl would prefer going into the night knowing whether she'll be hooking up with someone or not, it always happens on those random

nights that we were the least prepared with half a shaved leg and relying on his pull out

game. We’ll be the first to admit that we LOVE those random nights (the sexual tension between hot, drunk, strangers is always 10/10) but we also HATE them because they’re so random! Many people forget that using a condom doesn’t only help prevent a love child between you and the hottie who’s name you don’t remember, but it also helps prevent STI/D’s. Just because you were making out in the Uber all the way back to his (or her) place, and consented to protected sex, does NOT mean you consented to unprotected sex. Avoid an incredibly anticlimactic night and keep your own condoms on you so you don't have to ever hear the “I don’t have any” excuse.

3. Lipstick/Gloss/Plumper - Whether you love a glossy plumped pout or you’re always trying a new velvety shade of red, drawing attention to your lips is such a flirty fun makeup trend that’s easy for you to keep refreshing throughout the night. Bring your fav chapstick (Burt’s Bees is our fav) or a lip oil to keep moisturized, your shade of the night, and a glossy lip plumper (Too-Faced Long Term Serum is BOMB) in your bag so you can reapply after drinking from the bottle of 1942 or kissing that hot guy at the DJ booth.

4. Tampons - even if you aren't on your period at the moment, someone will be! If you struggle with making friends or being a little too shy around strangers, bring tampons to a crowded club bathroom and you’ll leave with new friends and the title of MVP for the night. But really though, you’ll forget it’s in your purse until you hear the frantic “ANYONE HAVE A TAMPON?!?!” and then it's your time to shine baby!

5. Mints/gum - Always stock up for fresh breath! We all HATE it when you’re mouth to mouth with a guy and they’re talking to you but all you can think about is how bad their breath SMELLS! It’s even worse when you remember you had garlic bread at dinner tonight and

you’re the one with the bad breath...

6. Money/Credit Card - even if you're just going to a party in the hills, every girl needs AT LEAST $20 in their purse! Always have money on you in case you run into a situation and need it or (the better scenario) drunk taco bell at 2am.

7. Hair Ties/Scrunchie - We know it’s not ideal to leave anywhere with your hair in a bun, but when you're twerking on the dance floor or in a way too crowded living room, the humidity likes to turn your beachy waves into a frizzy mess and you’ll need a scrunchie to save you. If you don’t end up using the Scrunchie, you may meet a girl in the bathroom who’s friends are nowhere to be found so you have to put her hair up for her and pull trig. Either way, the Scrunchie will definitely save the day.

8. Lighter - If you smoke make sure to bring a lighter with you because everyone smokes vapes nowadays and whether you’re trying to smoke a bowl or blacked out and craving a Camel Crush, you’re going to be pissed when you have to run around asking everyone who’s smoking a Juul if they have a lighter (most of them wont).

9. Mask - No matter where you're going, always be sure to bring a mask with you (Its essentially these days). It may not be mandatory at the party/club, but it will be mandatory in the Uber or when you stop for late night drunchies .

10. Portable Charger - Not everyone in the group needs to bring one, but at least one person should! You’ll be so thankful when you’re trying to call an Uber and everyone’s phones are at 2%. Most portable chargers are $30 so if you go out a lot, think of it as an investment!

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