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10 must have beauty guru approved products

With so many beauty influencers on social media and countless products coming out every year, it's hard to keep track of what the best products are when we’re being influenced to buy something new everyday!

While we could probably write a whole book on beauty product reviews (good + bad) these are some of the top items you should add to your beauty bag if you haven’t already! All of these items have a pretty good price point so you won’t have to splurge too much to feel like the next best celeb MUA. Let us know which products you’ve tried, loved, or hated and which products should have made this list!

  1. Bali Body Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse - This vegan Australian made self tanner is the darkest self tanner on the market that leaves the skin smooth, moisturized, and streak free! Order online or find it at Ulta, $30.

  2. Moon Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste - Kendall Jenner is a spokesperson for this celeb fav toothpaste which can be found online or at stores like Ulta and Target, $12.

  3. Too Faced Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper - Two faced has an entire collection of 4 different types of lip plumpers and though all of them work great, the “Maximum Plump” is hands down the best! Not only will this gloss dramatically plump up your pout within minutes, but it also works to keep your lips plump over time while also keeping them soft and hydrated! Can’t afford a Juvederm touch up? Two Faced Maximum Plump is the next best thing! You can find Two faced products at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, & more, $29.

  4. Artis Oval Foundation Brush - The original oval makeup brush featured in Forbes and labeled “the Rolls-Royce of makeup applicators” by Oprah, this brush is a complete game changer when it comes to applying a full coverage (liquid & powder) foundation! We used to be team Beauty Blender (which we still love!) but after using the Artis brush to apply liquid foundation, we probably will NEVER go back to the blender again! The oval brush creates an even + cake-free looking face in half the time it normally takes to put on foundation! It sounds way too good to be true, but the oval brush will have you looking like you’re airbrushed and walking around with a filter on! This is a MUST add product to your makeup bag! You can find Artis oval makeup brushes at any Ulta or Sephora, $60+.

  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade - The absolute best product for shaping and filling in your brows used by most of the top beauty influencers! The pomade comes in a little jar but has enough product to last you at least 4-6 months with regular wear! As soon as you apply the pomade to your brows with your firm angled eye makeup brush you’ll immediately notice the smooth buildable color blends and shapes your brows creating the perfect definition and matte finish, Find Anastasia Beverly Hills anywhere that sells makeup and beauty products like Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom etc, $21.

  6. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - These cleansing cloths can be used on your face and body as a makeup remover or use as a quick freshen up when you’re on the go! These wipes are the number one dermatologist recommended brand made for sensitive skin but are powerful enough to leave your face clean of makeup, dirt or any impurities and the best part is that they’re soap-FREE, meaning they won’t leave your skin feeling sticky after you use them! Seriously using one of these feels like you just did a full on double wash skincare routine! Find Cetaphil wipes anywhere they sell basic skin care like Target, grocery stores, Walmart, Ulta, etc, $9.

  7. Nars “Orgasm” Blush - This OG blush has been a beauty influencer fav for so long! It's a buildable peachy pink with the perfect amount of shimmer that looks great on any skin tone with a name that’ll make you blush! You can find it directly from NARS or at any Sephora or Ulta, $30.

  8. SheaMoisture African Black Soap Clarifying Facial System - We first fell in love with just the “Face and Body Bar” until we discovered there was an entire facial system of African Black Soap products! This kit comes with the original bar of soap that can be used to wash your face and body, an exfoliating facial scrub wash, a clarifying mud mask, and a balancing moisturizer. If you’re obsessed with their products as much as we are, you’ll also buy the makeup remover towelettes. The kit can be found at Walmart or Target for the best price, $20.

  9. Olaplex 4 & 5 - This vegan & cruelty free haircare company has the BEST shampoo & conditioner for all hair types! Their products come in only 8.5 ounce bottles but are so concentrated that they’ll last you wayyy longer than most huge bottles from drugstores. You’ll look forward to hair washing days with your hair looking, smelling, and feeling like you just left the salon! You can find Olaplex at beauty stores and salons, higher end department stores, and you can even order it on Amazon! $28.

  10. Lonove Facial Steamer - This facial steamer is a favorite of “The Skinny Confidential” blogger Lauren Evarts-Bosstick and is now a PGB fav too! Bring the spa to your home with this portable facial steamer from Amazon! A facial steamer is the perfect addition to your skin care routine that will leave your face feeling better than ever! Oh and the best part, it's pink! $35.

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