10 Apartment Must-Haves

Updated: May 3, 2021

We all dream of having a perfectly curated apartment that gains everyone's attention from the internet to our closest besties. There is so much amazing apartment inspo online that we often find it hard to pick a certain theme or design for our apartment. We want boho bedrooms, sleek modern bathrooms, and vintage living rooms but we know all three would just be way too much for our one studio 350 square foot apartment.

Here are our top 10 apartment must haves for any type of design you decide to stick with!

10. Jonathan Adler Vice Collection Canisters

Anything from Jonathan Adler is a must have, but these super cute canisters are so fun to collect and keep on the kitchen counter or coffee table! You can even keep one by your bed for those late night munchies or use it for your stash...they actually have a canister made just for both of those.

9. Oliver Gal pictures & wall art

ANYTHING and we repeat ANYTHING from Oliver Gal will turn your apartment into a whole vibe!

8. Dose Of Roses

While these roses are considered the “less expensive” version of the famous “Venus Et Fleur”, this Beverly Hills brand lasts up to 5 years and makes any room feel more feminine and complete. You can get the classic box of roses or the super cute bear shaped bouquet. Whatever you choose, they’re a MUST for your living room!

7. NÉOS candles

Neos is a female owned & operated sustainability sourced and cruelty free candle company based in Southern California with the most beautiful candles that deserve to be in every room in your apartment! The prices are way too good to only buy one so we suggest buying both of our favs; the Venus and the David!

6. Assouline Books

Every one of your fav celebs and Influencers have at least a couple of these world famous coffee table books. Everyone needs an editorial book on Christian Dior or the Amalfi Coast in their living room!

5. Custom Neon Light

A neon light can make any apartment look like an aesthetic content house with the right design and placement! Get one over your bed that says “it was all a dream” or one above your couch with your fav quote! Find them anywhere online!

4. Bar Cart

This one is absolutely non-negotiable. You need a bar cart in your apartment/ house/wherever you live! It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can even thrift an old cart and spray paint it gold! Spice it up with a fancy bedazzled bottle and your fav color ice bucket with matching cups! & Don’t forget the mini shooters!

3. Nespresso Machine

If you haven’t heard of the heaven sent machine that is the Nespresso, it’s like a Keurig for espresso. You pop the little pod in and 10 seconds later you have a shot of espresso waiting for you to take it like 1942 or make an iced vanilla latte. However you prefer to drink your liquid cocaine, you need a Nespresso machine!

2. Resin Tray

You can find them all over Etsy ranging anywhere from $50-$900! Our personal favs are the pill trays and the designer inspired trays! Again perfect for the coffee table!

1.Star Galaxy Projector

This one seems self explanatory, like who wouldn’t want to fall asleep under a galaxy within the comfort of your own home!? Or have a smoke sesh, turn on that Spotify playlist and watch the “stars”.

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